Roushanak Rahmat | Elekta

Roushanak is an AI research scientist at Elekta, a world learning medical tech company.

Prior to joining this industrial research, she was working at the Institute of Cancer Research, Cambridge Queens' College, University of Cambridge, and St. Andrews University.

She obtained her PhD in AI at the school of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering at Heriot-Watt University in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh.

Her research interests are in the fields of medical image analysis and computer vision, where she is developing novel algorithms and models in deep learning to improve healthcare. These structured models allow to model uncertainty and diversity, which enables novel applications of deep learning from personalization of products and therapies to decision making under uncertainty. She believes AI would revolutionize healthcare and personalize medical treatment in the near future.

In her free time, she loves running, swimming, playing squash, reading books and painting.