Mariya Tarabanovska | Flight Crowd

Mariya Tarabanovska is an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) advisor with a traditional Engineering education, a passion for STE(A)M volunteering and outreach as well as a background in Art and Design.

Mariya’s Product Design degree from Central Saint Martins, the University of the Arts London, made her focus on user experience and responding to the public need. Her Masters of Aerospace Engineering degree from the University of Manchester helped her better understand the difficulties and opportunities in the aviation industry.

Mariya is extremely passionate about inspiring the next generations of professionals to consider a career in air mobility and has been a supporter of equality, diversity, and inclusion within aerospace through her various STE(A)M outreach positions. She has been recognized as a STE(A)M Ambassador and a female aerospace role model and has dedicated the past five years of her career to community engagement and industry advocacy.

This led Mariya to get involved in shaping the fast-developing and very promising UAM ecosystem. Through her numerous involvements ranging from market research to flight testing and eVTOL implementation scenarios development, Mariya is now leading Flight Crowd, an open Urban Air Mobility community, set to educate the public on the topic of vertical mobility and inspire future generations to consider a career in UAM.

Mariya believes that 21st century Aerospace professionals should aim to shape a safe, sustainable, and inclusive future of transportation, and is very excited about the potential benefits that electric aviation will bring to the world.