FutureDotNow Digital Skills Week

Join FutureDotNow for their inaugural #DigitalSkillsWeek

FutureDotNow Digital Skills Week

Join FutureDotNow as they launch the inaugural Digital Skills Week (18th - 22nd May).

The week will consist of interactive and informative events hosted in partnership with thought leaders, influencers and industry. Join FutureDotNow on 18th May to help drive the digital skills agenda for employees and organisations as we create a UK ready for its digital future.

Powered by Lloyds Banking Group and Digital Leaders, the week will consist of a series of interactive virtual meetings. The virtual kick-off event will be on Monday, the 18th May at 10am with a session hosted by our Chair Sir Peter Estlin. In this session we will also have some exciting VIP guests reflecting on the period since our launch and doing some future gazing into a post Covid-19 world.

Find out more about the events below and more about Digital Skills Week here.

18/05/2020: FutureDotNow’s bi-annual coalition event & Digital Skills Week kick off

Join some of FutureDotNow’s key stakeholders for an update on the coalition’s first six months.

Hear from a panel of experts on the impact of COVID-19 on the UK’s digital skills, and what this could mean for FutureDotNow.

FutureDotNow’s Digital Skills Week is powered by Digital Leaders and Lloyds Banking Group. Featuring a series of interactive discussions it will cover the digital skills landscape with talks including motivation, employer skills and digital skills toolkits.

19/05/2020: FutureDotNow's Digital Skills Week: Bridging the digital motive gap

Hear from Oliver Wyman on how to ‘light a fire’ and supercharge your digital skills initiatives.

Join Oliver Wyman in reflecting on their recent research on the digital motives gap.

Hear from a large organisation on their initial takeaways from the research and how it will be used to shape their thinking.

Partake in an open discussion around the key findings and recommendations, with opportunity to raise questions to the research team.

19/05/2020: FutureDotNow's Digital Skills Week: Building a toolkit for the digital skills landscape

FutureDotNow is delighted to invite you to our series of events – and to this one, brought to you in partnership with the Tech Talent Charter

Join us for a discussion on creating a digital skills toolkit for the UK. This will be an interactive event where coalition members will the need to curate the digital skills landscape

Hear from Debbie Forster MBE, CEO of the Tech Talent Charter on their approach to launching an Inclusion and Diversity open playbook and what this might mean for digital skills

20/05/2020: FutureDotNow's Digital Skills Week: Equipping your workforce for a digital future

FutureDotNow is delighted to invite you to our series of events – and to this one, brought to you in partnership with Asda.

In this session you will:

  • Find out how we are engaging with industry to address the digital capability of their workforces, with a viewpoint from Asda on their journey as one of the largest retail organisations in the UK
  • Find out how we are tackling digital skills in the workforce through engaging with UK employers
  • Learn more about our approach and why we are focussing on the Essential Digital Skills

21/05/2020: FutureDotNow's Digital Skills Week: What is your workforce saying about digital?

FutureDotNow is delighted to invite you to our series of events – and to this one, brought to you in partnership with Lloyds Banking Group.

Using data from the 2020 Lloyds Bank Consumer Digital Index and insights from a panel of employees, gain a better understanding of digital skills from the perspective of the workforce.

Join FutureDotNow in reflecting upon Lloyd’s Banks Consumer Digital Index and the digital skills landscape in the UK.

Hear a range of employees perspective and get an insight into digital skills initiatives from the viewpoint of the workforce.

22/05/2020: FutureDotNow's Digital Skills Week: Looking to the future

Insights and reflections from FutureDotNow’s Digital Skills Week on the future digital skills landscape.

Hear from FutureDotNow’s CEO Liz Williams on the key insights and takeaways from Digital Skills week.

Join a discussion on the future priorities and what this might mean for our work together through FutureDotNow.



elderly couple with a tablet, coronavirus, technology

Can you help FutureDotNow support the most vulnerable online during COVID-19?

elderly couple with a tablet, coronavirus, technology

FutureDotNow has launched an initiative to support the most vulnerable online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

FutureDotNow are coordinating industry action through a new initiative, DevicesDotNow, targeting the 1.7 million households who don’t have access to the internet and are digitally excluded as we face a socially distanced world gripped by COVID-19.

Supported by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the DevicesDotNow campaign is asking businesses to donate tablets, smartphones and laptops, as well as connectivity in the form of sims, dongles and mobile hotspots.

As the government works to address the challenges of COVID-19, many elderly and vulnerable people may find themselves isolated in their homes with limited means of communicating with the outside world, or getting access to vital services such as health, food or banking.

Frontline community organisations are in desperate need of digital devices to be able to mobilise into the community. With your help, we can power them up so they can support households facing self-isolation – alleviating the strain on the NHS, while ensuring that vulnerable people aren’t cut off from their loved ones and the outside world.

There are number of ways to get involved and support the #DevicesDotNow campaign:

  • Donate devices - tablets or smartphones are a first choice, but laptops are also required.
  • Donate SIM cards, portable hotspots, dongles or other connectivity.
  • Make a financial donation - £10,000 would fund the purchase of tablets and smartphones for around 100 vulnerable individuals and families.
  • Spread the word - Share the #DevicesDotNow mission with a least five business leaders in your network who could be in a position to help.

Find out more about the campaign here.