WeAreTechWomen pay tribute to our One Tech World panellist, Neeti Tolia

WeAreTechWomen would like to pay tribute to one of our incredible panellists at this year’s One Tech World.

We had a pleasure of meeting Neeti in the run up to the conference and was wowed by her zest for life and her incredible experience in the world of work. We would like to honour her memory by sharing her story and some of the tributes from her family and friends at Credit Suisse. May you rest in peace Neeti, we are honoured we got to meet you and our thoughts are with your family and friends.

Neeti joined Credit Suisse India as Head of the global GOS Quality Assurance team in March 2020 and over the course of a year made a significant impact on her team, those she worked with and the organization as a whole.

She was a good communicator (she spoke nine languages) and listener, acted as a mentor to many and led by example, putting her best foot forward. Neeti’s respectful way, her empathy and the care she showed to those she worked with represented just a few of her wonderful qualities.

Neeti believed leadership is not about who is in charge, but about making sure the team stays focused on its goals, keeping them motivated and supporting them to be the best they can be to achieve those goals. She described her role as “a facilitator and a change agent helping my team with the transformations that the organization is expecting.”

Neeti was passionate about mentorship. In her own words, “I have mentored many people in my professional journey and seeing them make their mark in their respective organizations makes me really proud. The right mentorship at the right time can do wonders.”

Neeti ToliaIn her daughter’s words:

“Ma was an exceptional example of women being where she was in a male dominated field. She struggled her way to the top. She had no one to guide her in the sense that she knew no working mother who could guide her through every phase of life. She had papa and I but, you know, we weren't experienced. She wanted to be that support to all her female colleagues, she was constantly worried about all of you and wanted to be there to support you and see you reach the top just like you deserved to.”

In her Team’s and Colleagues words:

“In this short period of time she had made such a positive influence in my life with her leadership. Her passion for mentoring and helping the team is something I will follow for the rest of my life.”

“She had always provided me right support time to time which made me confident, enthusiastic and attentive while working in this professional environment.”

“Neeti was not only a remarkable manager, but before that she was an extraordinary human being. A firm believer of teamwork, she had a keen eye for talent and put the right person at right place.”

"Neeti – you had been one of the most energetic, enthusiastic and down to earth personalities I have ever met."

“Neeti was a great leader and an excellent motivator. She had taught us what it means to be a team & family.”

“Neeti was one of the most enthusiastic & passionate people I met. As they say – the song is ended but the melody lingers on… A quote by Ariana Dancu will remind me of her always – ‘She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings’.”