Victoria Riess

Victoria Riess | University of Cambridge

Victoria Riess

I am a Manager in the technology industry and have over eleven years of experience in general management, digital strategy consulting, and corporate strategy on digital transformation.

I delivered strategy consulting projects across the EMEA region in over five tech industries (e.g., IT and fintech, intelligent transportation, automotive, non-profit, medical technology). I have experience in business strategy, digital transformation, Cloud DevOps Engineering, data science, and general management.

I make an exceptional impact within and shape my organisation with the scoping of my organisation’s strategic approach on digital transformation. I mentor, coach team members through my ability to inspire and motivate the next generation of leaders. I lead the tech agenda and grow into different roles that have not even been invented yet, incl. the initiation of a freemium insurance business development project. I act as a public speaker about fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, with passion for cybersecurity.

Manisha Ganguly

Manisha Ganguly | BBC World Service

Manisha Ganguly

Manisha is a multi award-winning independent conflict journalist & filmmaker using open-source techniques to investigate human rights abuses under conditions of war.

She was the lead OSINT producer for the BBC World Service’s Emmy-winning Arabic Documentaries teams since its inception, and has previously worked for BBC Newsnight, CNN International, the Telegraph, and others.

She prides herself on combining traditional methods of investigative reporting with open-source intelligence to document violations and civilian harm in conflict, and track down hard-to-find sources. Her primary areas of interest are international humanitarian law, and the impact of technology on human rights.

At 25, Manisha was named a Forbes Under 30 media innovator (2021), for her impactful journalism.

In 2018, Manisha was granted funding by the Communication and Media Research Institute at the University of Westminster to pursue a PhD. Her PhD explores the impact automation, OSINT and AI has had on investigative journalism, through a political economy lens that documents how the gig economy and digital labour has impacted the mental health of OSINT journalists, especially the prevalence of PTSD through vicarious trauma.

Sajni Chandaria

Sajni Chandaria | CodeBytes

Sajni Chandaria

I'm a self-taught coder who has founded a start-up, CodeBytes, with a mission to make learning web development freely accessible for everyone to help empower more women to feel confident switching to a career in tech.

After moving into the Tax Data & Analytics team at PwC, I noticed the lack of gender diversity, especially in senior management positions. Whilst in this role, I would often talk to colleagues in these internal teams, and would hear how my female colleagues in particular, were more hesitant to upskill their Data & Analytics skills. This is when I successfully established PwC UK’s Women in Data network with one of my colleagues, to help empower women to feel comfortable working with data.

We would hold monthly training sessions for the members that also included open and honest conversations with female leaders in the tech industry around topics such as tackling imposter syndrome and how to succeed in male dominated environments. At the time I left PwC, we had grown the network to over 200 members.

I realised that without PwC's resources, I would have to pay expensive fees for coding bootcamps to gain the same level of experience, which is a huge barrier of entry for starting a career in the tech industry. This is when I decided to create CodeBytes. My aim is to make learning web development freely accessible to everyone.

I have now left my corporate tech role at PwC to grow CodeBytes so that everyone is able to learn and gain experience for free, to help empower more women to feel confident switching to a career in tech.

Zeib Khwaja

Zeib Khwaja | JP Morgan Chase

Zeib Khwaja

I am a Transformation & Change Lead at JP Morgan.

I lead change initiatives for Leadership and Technology Teams working across an organization of 8k employees globally – driving organizational change to enable teams to deliver high quality product to market. My approach centers around empathy - bringing employees’ voice at the table and driving change from bottom up. I lead Manager Excellence across 1200+ managers. Creating a safe space for technical managers to talk openly about challenges, to explore solutions and learn from each other.

In my previous role as Global Delivery Manager, I led a team of 60 under a multi-million $ engagement. I built the team and also led its transition into a new operating model saving $1.9 M with zero impacts to customers. I have also worked for and been recognized in UAE’s largest bank (FAB) on pioneering projects in their Digital Transformation. I am credited for my Customer Focus, Project Leadership and Diversity and Inclusion. I’m a design thinker, Certified Scrum Product Owner, PMP, PRINCE2 and ITIL Foundation Certified professional who has also spoken at external conferences across Europe sharing my experience and learnings with the wider technology fraternity. My versatile experience across multiple geographies, working with project teams as well as senior leaders alike has led to my consistent recognition as top talent in the firm.

Pamella Barotti

Pamella Barotti | Microsoft

Pamella Barotti

Pamella is a strategic global marketing, communications and advocacy professional with experience across local and global markets. She has worked for start-ups, medium-sized and global organizations throughout her career, including Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, and Mastercard.

She has a strong background in developing and implementing successful marketing and communications strategies and multi-channel programs, which increased brand awareness, improved customer and partner experience and supported multi-million-dollar revenue goals.

Pamella has a unique combination of corporate experience across developed and emerging markets, strong academic background, coaching qualifications and a passion for empowering people and organizations to grow and thrive. She has been involved in several Mentoring and Coaching projects for the last seven years.

She designed and launched Learning Development Programs in partnership with The Chartered Institute of Marketing and Museum of Brands in London on a pro bono basis, reaching over 2K marketers and brand professionals in the last few years. Pamella has also created and delivered engaging talks and workshops on Marketing, Innovation and Soft Skills topics to charities and well-known organisations, including Accenture, The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Hays and The Museum of Brands.

She is a speaker and mentor at TechHer, and she often delivers talks and workshops to women groups on topics such as Confidence and Wellbeing on a probono basis. She is also a guest lecturer at the University of London and a board member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Greater London, the world's leading professional marketing body.

Pamella holds a degree in Marketing and Publicity from Mackenzie University and a postgraduate diploma in Strategic Marketing through The Chartered Institute of Marketing. She also attended in-person professional development courses at Harvard University and the University of London.

Being Brazilian, she loves dancing Samba in her spare time and having her ‘Mindfulness Moments’ where she practices yoga and meditation.

Charisma Buxton-Tetteh

Charisma Buxton-Tetteh | Morgan Stanley

Charisma Buxton-Tetteh

Charisma joined Morgan Stanley as a Technology graduate in 2017.

Initially working as an Applications developer, she later transitioned into the Cybersecurity team as a Data scientist where she now builds Machine Learning (ML) models/tools and analytics to detect cybersecurity threats. She has a BSc in Computer Science from KNUST in Ghana and a MSc in Data science from the University of Dundee.

Sarah Armouch

Sarah Armouch | Open Lab-Newcastle University

Sarah Armouch

Sarah is currently a Doctoral Researcher at Open Lab at Newcastle University in the UK.

She holds a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics and an MPH with a concentration in health promotion and community health both from the American University of Beirut (AUB), and an MRes in Digital Civics from Newcastle University. She worked as a project and training coordinator at the Center for Public Health Practice (CPHP) at the Faculty of Health Sciences at AUB. Her research interests and projects with a myriad of organisations revolve around exploring the underlying socio-technical infrastructures that are built around and influence civic engagement, solidarity structures, and social movements. She is particularly interested in exploring how participatory design can be applied in contested contexts to inform the design of digital technology which facilitates and supports social innovation and specifically the work of self-organised groups and grassroots.

Bethan Reeves

Bethan Reeves | Vodafone UK

Bethan Reeves

I first embarked on my STEM career during my studies for my BSc in Mathematics, Operational Research and Statistics.

I attended a fantastic event for females interested in technology roles, following which I was contacted and fast-tracked to the Vodafone UK Discover Technology graduate scheme assessment centre and then offered a role on the scheme; a whole 18 months prior to my expected graduation date. From this point onwards, I have recognised and appreciated the power of networking and equal opportunities for women in the technology arena.

I have since supported recruitment networking opportunities for female students, and have featured as a panellist on a webinar to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day in 2020. I am now navigating my way through academia alongside my full-time work, and will be embarking on a Professional Doctorate in Data Science in October 2021. This is an opportunity I will relish and it gives me the chance to take full reigns on my career path, to one day become a data scientist myself.

Following the graduate scheme at Vodafone, I struggled to find a data focused role with learning opportunities, so when I rejoined the company earlier this year connecting with other women in data - or looking to move into data - was a priority for me. I have set up a Women in Data internal network which has had a great amount of interest. Driving the initiative myself, I am currently finalising our committee so that we cam begin empowering, upskilling and connecting women across the globe.

With my studies ahead, I cannot wait to further my career and continue to encourage and unite women across technology. I hope to incorporate my interests in sex-disaggregation of data, geo-social networks, and analysis of online networks and language to identify discrimination against women and others with mental illness and drive change in policy. I have a direct experience of how women, and female-specific networks and events, have uplifted me from the very outset of my career. My passion for this area is unbounded and I hope to be, and see, the change.

Vanessa McIntyre

Vanessa McIntyre | Deloitte

Vanessa McIntyre

I began my career in 2013 within Consulting as a Qlikview Developer, utilising my degree in Interactive Multimedia Design to create compelling visualisations.

I won an internal innovation award for my work on an interactive proposal. I took time out in 2016/2017 to have my only son. Returning to the workplace in 2017, where I continued as a Qlik developer, moving into Qlik sense and custom visualisations. In 2018, I moved to my current role where I am a joint lead of our Belfast Data Visualisation team, a role that involves leading development of Data Visualisation projects, mentoring and training team members, growing the capability within the team and the team itself. Outside of my day job, I have taken on many public speaking opportunities to share my Data Visualisation knowledge, and my experience as a female in a technical role and the challenges this presents in the hope that it will empower others to strive to make the world of technology a more inclusive place.

Katie McMillan

Katie McMillan | Agilisys Ltd

Katie McMillan

My role is an Information Security Manager at Agilisys Ltd.

I have a real passion for my role, which is great as I’ve always professed, we spend so much time working, I’d much prefer to work doing something that I enjoy with like-minded people. If ever I get that dreaded Sunday night feeling, I would know it was time to move on.

My personality lends me to working well with others. I am a fixer and find helping others a natural trait of mine. So much so, my family were convinced I’d end up in a caring profession. As it happened, I found IT was where I felt most at home. I find my attitude and drive to fix problems, identify gaps and help others works as an advantage in this sector, especially security. I think there is a caring aspect to my role and as the Infosec Manager for the NHS I can protect systems and data for millions of people.

My career started with less focus on strategy and more a mixture of ‘give it a go’ and sheer determination. I started in IT where many of us did, working on a helpdesk and fixing peoples machines. I like to challenge myself and quickly became ambitious. I worked in my own time to learn the infrastructure, how it worked, and how to fix it. I moved into management where I managed IT estates within college and University settings. I led the team, managed a portfolio of projects, developed strategy, and plugged security gaps which had been glaringly open for several years. This all led me on the path to discovering my passion for infosec.

The key driver within my career is the ambition to succeed. I have been offered a lot of wonderful opportunities. Every one of these I have worked hard and put all my effort into achieving both my aspirations and best results for the customer. My focus will always be to provide the best service I can.
I am a mentor for women in tech through mentorXchange. This gives me the opportunity to mentor women who are starting out on their career journey. I am an enterprise advisor for CIPD where I will be matched with and work alongside a school to enhance their careers programme.