Safina Siddiqui

Safina Siddiqui | JP Morgan Chase

Safina Siddiqui

I joined the finance industry in 2015 as a Software Developer after achieving a Bachelor of Science degree from University College London (UCL) in Computer Science.

I spent my first two years in industry at Barclays in the Investment Bank and from there, I moved to Asset Management at JP Morgan Chase & Co (JPMC). Firstly joining the Multi-Asset Solutions Portfolio Management Team, I moved internally in November 2020 to join the Money Markets Trading team where I am responsible for the development and support of the Money Markets Trading applications. Due to the front office nature of my roles, I have worked closely with Portfolio Managers, Traders and Middle Office in the business as well as the technology teams based in New York and Hong Kong. As a full stack developer, I contribute to both the UI and the backend services for the team.

Always looking at the bigger picture, I have been able to make significant contributions in my roles at JPMC. Currently within Money Market Trading Technology, I met a key milestone of adopting FIX, the industry standard, within the space. Previously in Portfolio Management, I was a key contributor in the re-design of the entire portfolio management system that became the strategic application for portfolio management across all asset classes within Asset Management at JPMC. Having been selected for the Expert Engineer program at JPMC, an initiative reserved for high-performing technologists, I received the ‘Leading the Way’ Award for the characteristics I demonstrate, and I have also been recognized as a Women of Color STEM – Technology Rising Star, highlighting that my efforts are helping to shape the technology of the future.

I am an Enterprise Advisor for my local girls school, volunteer for STEM advocacy events hosted at JPMC and mentor as part of WomenOnTheMove, a JPMC network to help support other women through their careers. I am also an active contributing member of TIF (JPMC women’s technology network) and a founding of the AM London Technology Culture Committee focused on sharing knowledge and bringing community together for an inclusive work culture. I volunteer my time for these initiatives as I am dedicated to ensuring that all young women have insight into careers which they may not have had visibility to in the past and empowering women through every stage in their careers.

Georgia Mantzana

Georgia Mantzana | London Borough of Havering

Georgia Mantzana

From product marketing manager leading organisations to establish brand equity and building, managing and implementing growth plans across FMCG, business intelligence, startup and education management sectors, to a User Experience (UX) Designer, I found my passion in human-centred design and technology.

I am currently a Senior User Experience (UX) Designer, Consultant working for a leading local authority in the Transformation and Digital Portfolio team focusing on human-centred service design tying together human, digital, and physical interactions to create a truly differentiated experience for the public good while collaborating with Tech partners including Google, Vodafone and Amazon. I am passionate about using systems and service design practices to unpack complex social problems and develop shared inclusive and sustainable solutions.

Originally from a small provincial town in Greece, my sisters and I were the first in our family to attend university; that resulted from our mother’s determination and belief in our abilities to achieve our goals and create a better future. A strong leader figure, independent and influential woman, she became my role model and inspired me to strive for success in every aspect of life after losing my father at a very young age. Naturally, being someone with great ambition and big dreams, I was curious to explore the world, learn about other cultures and speak different languages. I had the opportunity to work and study across Greece, UK, Singapore and Switzerland and travelled to over 30 countries.

I earned a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of West Attica, Athens, Greece and a Master of Science degree from Aberystwyth University, UK. Also, I have completed specialised courses in Strategic Marketing at the National University of Singapore and a UX Design Immersive programme at the General Assembly in London.

I am a speaker at industry events, a mentor at WomenTech Network and ADPList, and a volunteer at Action for Children and Make A Wish. Through my story and experiences, I aim to empower women in design and technology regardless of their background. I believe in the humanisation of technology through design to generate security, naturalness, and transparency in people's lives and making a global impact.

Sharon Sumner

Sharon Sumner | Business Cloud Integration

Sharon Sumner

Microsoft Business Applications MVP and CEO of Business Cloud Integration Ltd, SharePoint and Office 365 delivery partner in Cambridge, UK.

Leading the Digital Transformation Team - helping businesses adopt the modern workplace using our SharePoint deployment and migration cloud platform Casper365.

Speaker for SharePoint Business Applications, Content Services, and Power Platform tools. Charter partner with Microsoft's SharePoint Business Applications program and Microsoft Gold partner specializing in cloud content and collaboration.

Leader of the Power Platform and User Group in Cambridge UK…devoted to community events and collaboration and always says yes to coffee!

MVP Profile:

Rutvi Dave

Rutvi Dave | Capgemini

Rutvi Dave

I am a software Data Engineer in Capgemini and working in AWS cloud technology projects.

I have 16 years experience in total in Management Information Technology and having started my career as a report writer in crystal software and after that moving into MS technology using excel, access databases where I created my first database from scratch and advancing into MS BI suite using T-SQL to write queries to create reports in Report Server to working with Data Integration tool to write transformations and loading data, writing complex procedures, views, triggers and building from scratch my first data warehouse using Kimball Methodology. Today, I have experience working in many different projects with different BI suite like Pentaho BI suite, MS BI suite. I have done Pentaho BI suite POC for my previous organization which was successful such that after we implemented the POC live, I received an award for the "Best Integration" from the Client. I have been involved in many projects where I have introduced myself working on new tools and made possible for organizations to use capability of new tools by taking initiative in projects where such demand is available. In turn, organizations have valued the contributions and I have gained knowledge and experience through this. My flexibility to adapt to new tools and delivering projects using these new tools has helped me grow faster and have taught myself to adapt to any new technology easily. I have always have had a very good relationship with clients and I always believe that it is very important to do work to their requirements and provide necessary solutions to the client to guide them in the right direction. I have also proficient experience on Azure cloud technologies in building regions, data warehouse on cloud, building databases on cloud environment and using data factory pipelines for transformation and using DevOps tools on Azure that will help CI/CD deployment of new changes using ARM templates. After joining Capgemini in December 2020, I have also had hands on with Unix and command line tools, AWS cloud working with S3 buckets, created training material for GitLab, active member in learning and development tech stream providing knowledge sharing sessions on Pentaho BA and constantly learning AWS. I have achieved AWS cloud practitioner certificate and have enrolled myself in AWS developer training and certification as well. I am constantly learning newer technologies and implementing these in work experience and getting a 360 view of all technologies that I get to work with. I have also participated in Capgemini for heroes in Environment sustainability challenge where my idea has been picked and I will be presenting my idea to selection board very soon. I like to constantly impart and share knowledge all I can with young graduates, women and help them to achieve more while I can.

Natalie Pringle

Natalie Pringle | CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP

Natalie Pringle

Natalie is the Programme Manager for the CMS equIP start-up accelerator, the largest Tech focused programme run by an International law firm.

The CMS equIP programme supports high growth Tech start-ups by providing heavily discounted legal fees and useful introductions to help start-ups as they scale.

Having completed her undergraduate degree in Law, Natalie has spent the last 10 years in roles spanning numerous industries and jurisdictions. This experience had allowed her to work with a variety of different teams and develop her skill set in business development and project management.

After forging a successful career in International Real Estate, Natalie launched the Hong Kong division of The New Savvy, the largest financial literacy platform in Asia dedicated to helping women improve their financial wellbeing. As CMO for the brand, Natalie spearheaded the expansion of the organisation throughout Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore and Vietnam hosting regular events and securing partnerships with corporate partners and International schools. Natalie is passionate about the role that Technology plays in democratising personal finance solutions and raising awareness of the importance of financial literacy.

Having been involved in the launch of several FinTech start-ups, Natalie proceeded to pursue her passion for supporting start-up founders when she joined CMS to lead their accelerator programme. Since joining the firm in January 2020, Natalie has helped to promote the accelerator across the start-up ecosystem, providing founders with access to a world-class legal team in multiple jurisdictions.

In her role at CMS, Natalie consistently works to ensure that the programme is accessible to founders from all backgrounds and demographics, particularly focusing on the #LeadHers initiative. #LeadHers was launched specifically to help female founders on the equIP programme connect with investors and secure funding.

Natalie has written articles for well-known publications covering guidance for start-ups looking to join an accelerator programme and top things which founders should consider when approaching VCs for funding. Natalie has also been featured as an invited speaker for panel discussions and industry events focusing on empowering women in tech.

Katie Gamanji

Katie Gamanji | CNCF

Katie Gamanji

Katie is the Ecosystem Technical Advocate at CNCF or Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Katie's focus within this role is to grow and lead the End User Community while bridging the gap with other ecosystem units, such as project maintainers, TOCs, and SIGs. In the past roles as a cloud platform engineer, Katie has build platforms that gravitate towards cloud-native technologies and principles, with Kubernetes as the focal point. These projects started with the automation of application delivery on OpenStack-based infrastructure, which transitioned into the creation of a centralized, globally distributed platform at Condé Nast and American Express.

Additionally, Katie is the creator/instructor of the Cloud Native Fundamentals Udacity course and is on the advisory board for Keptn, a CNCF sandbox project.

Jodie Hosmer

Jodie Hosmer | Mills & Reeve LLP

Jodie Hosmer

Jodie Hosmer is the Legal Process Design Lead at Mills & Reeve.

A Real Estate Lawyer by background with 10 years’ experience as a transactional lawyer who moved into management, innovation and legal technology to drive innovation in legal service delivery. She works with clients on projects focused on transforming legal service delivery by co-designing and co-creating client-centric solutions; working closely with key stakeholders to inform and drive change management to implement and adopt those new solutions. She is responsible for driving the use of technology and developing solutions combining the right mix of people process and technology to deliver a wide range of legal work across the Firm, which includes leveraging both existing and new technologies, developing new platforms and alternative legal services for clients. This can involve process design, the effective use of technology and automated solutions through to behavioural change management. Jodie is passionate about ensuring the pathway for early entrants into law is inclusive and spent two years on the Institute of Apprentice’s Legal Panel commenting on the Legal Apprenticeship Standards as part of the Government’s Trailblazer Scheme. She continues to be a critical friend to the Institute and leads on legal apprenticeships at Mills & Reeve. Jodie is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars on innovation in the legal sector.

Antoinette Clacher

Antoinette Clacher | PwC

Antoinette Clacher

My career hasn’t always taken the straightest path and I started my working life in a very different kind of Tech - behind the stage in theatres.

It was here I fell in love with building something from nothing, using imagination and whatever resources we could find to take the audience with us into the story.

In the years that followed I was lucky enough to work with travel companies and volunteer with nonprofits where I transferred this experience to bring larger and more complex projects to life, before joining Capita’s graduate programme where I was placed with the Group Systems team.

There I was introduced to ERP programmes and spent the next few years learning how to manage and deliver the many moving parts of SAP implementations. I saw firsthand how these kinds of systems can be leveraged to support drastic change within organisations whilst working with teams all over the world.

Almost two years ago I took the leap into consulting by joining PwC where I have had the most incredible opportunities to date, working with clients to solve problems and create solutions that transform the way people live and work. I have found a home in managing these kinds of technology enabled finance transformation programmes and look forward to continuing to learn from colleagues and clients alike.

Stasa Stankovic

Stasa Stankovic | University of Cambridge | Innovation Forum Serbia

Stasa Stankovic

Staša Stanković is a final year PhD student in Genomic Medicine at the University of Cambridge and founder of Innovation Forum Serbia, the first healthcare accelerator for startups in Serbia.

Her research is focused on understanding the genetic architecture behind menopause and fertility, and their link to later life cardio-metabolic health outcomes in women. This is achieved using cutting-edge genomic technologies in large-scale population studies, which led to the discovery of genetic signals that influence the age women begin menopause and the first evidence of our ability to, through gene manipulation in mouse model, extend reproductive life and improve fertility. This has a potential to pave the way to fertility treatment that could extend the natural reproductive lifespan of women, and to novel markers to improve the prediction of early menopause.

Prior to her PhD, Staša was awarded an MPhil in Medical Science from the University of Cambridge, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. She was involved in the development of the biotech solution for the selection of the best quality embryos for the implantation in IVF clinics. Staša was also part of Congenica, genomic data analysis company, where she contributed to the development of “Congenica Neuro”, new generation product for the tailored genomic analysis of individuals with neurodevelopmental diseases, enabling clinicians to provide >20X faster diagnosis.

She is a founder of Innovation Forum Serbia with an aim to build a mechanism that will support the generation and development of Serbian healthcare startup ecosystem, and bridge the gap between academia, industry, policy makers and investors. Staša leads the strategy that places Serbian start-ups on the global healthcare scene and boosts international collaborations, access to global industrial and academic networks, mentorship by local and international experts, and financial support. In the ecosystem where this concept was unexplored, she managed to attract strategic and financial support by leading governmental (UK and Serbian Government, NHS) and industrial (Roche, AstraZeneca, Microsoft) institutions to pioneer crucial systematic changes. This enabled her to establish the first ever healthcare accelerator programme in Serbia, IMAGINE IF!. Due to her impact on science and Serbian healthcare startup ecosystem she was awarded “McKinsey&Company Next Generation Women Leader” for 2020, one of the best young scientists in the Balkan and Central European region by Novartis, “Leader of Tomorrow 2020” by Global Biotechnology Revolution and one of the most innovative industry leaders for 2019 in Healthcare and Pharma industrial sector – “Young female leaders with remarkable impact” by AFA organization.

Chloe Russell-Sharp

Chloe Russell-Sharp | Brandwatch

Chloe Russell-Sharp

I studied BSc Psychology at King's College London, specialising in neuroscience and genetics in my final year.

Following my degree, I joined Brandwatch as a Graduate Data Science and have progressed through to a Junior role, then to a fully fledged Data Scientist which feels great! Brandwatch is a SaaS business in the Digital Consumer Intelligence space, providing a suite of products that facilitate querying, exploring and augmenting online conversation. I am passionate about building web app dashboards that allow us to communicate our work outside of Data Science; facilitating transparency and accessibility of our projects.

In terms of my technical background, I was very briefly introduced to programming throughout my degree, however learned Python from scratch whilst being at Brandwatch. I made use of online courses, free resources and have had some amazing mentors along the way!

I am also a keen advocate for gender diversity in tech. I have hosted workshops, spoken at several events/panels and mentored women in the field :)