Zainabu Nakate

Zainabu Nakate | ITV

Zainabu Nakate

Zainabu is an Agile delivery manager, philanthropist and diversity and inclusion champion who has delivered multi-million-pound digital transformation programmes for local and central government.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, she led two cross-functional teams on a Revenue Tax return digital transformation programme. She now works in the Broadcasting industry, improving user advertising booking experiences.

As a certified Agile practitioner, Scrum Master and Product owner, specialising in UX Agile project management and delivery. She embodies the key agile principles; Creating self-organising teams who embody Agile principles, working software over comprehensive documentation; customer collaboration over contract negotiation; and responding to change over following a plan. These principles have helped Zainabu build successful agile cross-functional teams that have improved the digital customer experiences of millions of people and millions in savings.

As an active philanthropist, Zainabu has dedicated her time to support organisations such as New hope for Africa, an orphanage that provides a safe, educational and caring environment for disadvantaged children and young people in Uganda. She is a decided advocate for diversity and inclusion in Tech. She has been a diversity and inclusion committee member and introduced, reviewed and implemented new policies and training material. She is also a Future in tech and STEM ambassador and mentor. Zainabu is passionate about educating people about the diverse roles in Tech, including non-coding careers, which has led to her new project NonCoded, a platform and podcast which amplifies the careers of non-coding professionals in Tech.

Maria Flores

Maria Flores | ITV

Maria is a certified Data Protection and Privacy Professional (CIPP/E) and an ISEB / BCS qualified Business Analyst with more than 15 years of cross-sector experience in technology, charity, media and fintech in varied roles across the software development life cycle from tester to applications manager to technical support for networking products and databases. Multi-lingual has liaised with clients from all over the world and looks into an integrative view of technology by leveraging her multi-disciplinary background in Business, Technology and Law.

She started her journey in technology in the call centre of 3Com and quickly progressed internally to technical support by achieving certificates through internal courses in 3Com university. After moving to IBM where she provided multilingual support to Informix she finished her degree in Law and came back to 3Com where she worked towards the harmonisation of processes after the acquisition by HP and got an eAward for it. She has rounded her knowledge in business with an MBA and different professional qualifications.

Osaseri Guobadia | ITV

I first discovered my love for product design during my Design & Technology A Level. Since then I have worked on numerous products, from a water filter as an A Level Student to a novel medical device as an intern at PA Consulting and now media technology products, including Shazam, Sky Q & Sky Go and the ITV Hub.

In an effort to develop my career early, while studying Engineering at Cambridge University, I interned across Engineering, Advertising, Film & Television, Technology & Design. After graduation, I got a great start in Product Management as an intern at Shazam where I was able to develop product insight that had impact on the homepage and influence the app search functionality.

From Shazam I moved to Sky, where I worked on projects across Sky Q, Sky+, Sky Go and Sky Kids, maintaining focus on the customer experience while developing my skills in balancing user needs with business priorities. In particular, I was excited to work on the development of the next stage of Sky Kids proposition and user experience.

I moved to ITV seeking an environment in which I could have greater impact and continue to grow as a Product Manager. I stepped into my current role at ITV as Discovery & Merchandising Product Manager where I lead on Content Discovery initiatives and develop strategy to increase viewing conversion of 5 million monthly users (18 million registered users) across Web, Mobile and Connected TV platforms.