Jade Vincent

Jade Vincent | Unruly

Jade is addicted to learning, which is why she enjoys her role as Product Director at Unruly so much.

It all started with a computer science degree, after which a naturally inquisitive Jade realised she needed to know more about the ‘how’ and ‘why’ things worked. Jade’s natural problem solving and critical thinking skills led to a successful career as a business analyst, with roles at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and Goldman Sachs. Immediately prior to Unruly, Jade was a Senior Business Analyst at Newton Asset Management, a private entity of Bank of Mellon New York.

Excited by Unruly’s potential and culture, Jade was approached by Unruly in January 2018 to join as Product Director. In this role, Jade steers market-leading products from ideation and planning, through to implementation, launch and enhancement. For Jade, happiness is working with an amazing team, and helping to scale a collaborative and productive environment.

Jade’s passion for learning means she is never ever bored and her ability to get teams working together effectively means she makes a daily impact on the organisation and in the work delivered to Unruly clients. She is a member of the Unruly Sounding Board and is a Certified Product Scrum Owner.

A keen breadmaker, Jade also enjoys building LEGO with her partner, gardening, and long country walks that are rewarded by a pub lunch at the end.