Jane Pitt

Jane Pitt | Microsoft

Jane Pitt

I left school convinced I wanted to be a writer, and so I completed my degree in English Literature at the University of London and got a job in television as a script reader and production assistant.

However, my passion for technology soon became obvious and I started to take on more and more of the technical elements of the company, eventually becoming Facilities Manager.

In 2001 I left the media industry to set up an IT support company, looking after computers and networks for small to medium businesses. I successfully grew the company to the point of having over 100 customers and a team of Support Engineers before selling it. I'm proud to say that the company I started still exists today.

After I sold my company I became a Storage and Backup Engineer working as a consultant for enterprises and financial institutions. I joined Savvis, a Managed Service Provider, in 2007 as a third-line Support Engineer and after five years I moved into an Infrastructure Architect role. I joined Microsoft in 2016 as an Azure Architect, and then into the Partner Technology Strategist role at the start of 2019.

I love the pace of change of technology, and I love the way it can positively impact every single person. Although my career started in a creative role, I think having a strong ability to communicate is a valuable skill, even in a technical role.