Jennifer Warren

Jennifer Warren | Sky

Jennifer Warren

Technology starts and ends with people. As a proud female that side stepped into tech later in life, I’ve used transferable skills gained in different sectors to achieve my ambitions.

Graduating in modern languages and marketing, I began my career in traditional Marketing for a Spanish Property company whilst living in Southern Spain. With digital channels becoming an increasingly popular way to reach potential customers, I took the initiative to self-learn about SEO and online lead generation and self-studied for a CIM E-Marketing award. When I moved back to the UK, I decided to take the plunge into Tech and pursued a career as an Account Manager in digital agencies.

This Account Manager role leveraged my people experience, both with clients and development teams and gave me a great insight into how websites were designed and built. As the Senior Account Manager for Disney, First Direct and Anchor Housing, I led the teams for some of the company’s biggest projects, during which time I realised that the delivery aspect was my where my true passion lay, and I chose to specialise in Digital Project Management. That’s the key with Tech, once you are in, you are exposed to the variety of opportunities and areas to specialise in.

I heard about an opportunity as a Scrum Master at Sky, as I was looking to move out of the agency world. I had a young child by then and agency life can be demanding on your time. I was also looking to work on a product that I could have long term involvement in. Whilst I had no Agile experience, I did know about software development and the job description talked so much about people, that I could see a lot of similarities in the role I did currently and that of the Scrum Master. I had to be honest in the areas that I needed (and wanted) to learn. The team at Sky believed in me, and I got the job.

I have been at Sky for 4 years and during this time I have worked across multiple teams, helping to re-launch the MySky App and working on the broadband Digital support team which won Best Enterprise Technology at the National Technology awards this year. I’ve also had a 2nd child and been able to reduce my working week to 4 days to be able to spend quality time with my family and watch my children grow up. Last year I was promoted to be the Chapter Manager of Scrum Masters at Sky, overseeing their line management and career development, whilst also representing our Scrum Masters wider within Sky.

From window cards and property brochures to delivering award winning technology for Sky…..if someone had offered me that when I started my career I would have snapped their arm off!