Tracy Higgs

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Tracy Higgs

Tracy entered the tech industry 8 years ago ago, after a career change from lecturing.

Beginning as an Internal Systems Manager at EMIS, she worked her way up, quickly becoming Product Manager for Patient Access supporting 5m users, she worked with Apple on the 1st Healthkit API integration into Patient Access and then travelled to Gibraltar to map out an ambitious integrated healthcare system which went live in 2014.

Moving onto Purple Bricks Tracy was leading the 80+ Global Development Team for the online platform for UK, US and Australia.
Via Kainos, Tracy has now moved into consultancy and is the PM for Online consultations - NHS App. She led the teams to create and develop the architecture and supporting processes and materials to enable 3rd party suppliers to integrate into the NHS App. The rollout of which was accelerated to support COVID-19, offering patients the ability to get help from their GP without visiting the surgery. She has delivered excellent results often in challenging circumstances, is passionate about equality and seeks out opportunities to empower fellow females.

Tracy is a Volunteer facilitator for Googles ‘IamRemarkable’ training. She’s worked with colleagues to establish a women’s network at kainos and organised ‘Code first girls’ as a charity to collectively support. She creates and delivers psychological safety training to help establish environments where teams can flourish and bring their whole selves to work and recently piloting an approach toward combatting systemic gender bias through research analysis methodology as part of her championing sex disaggregated data.