Katarina Hunt

Katarina Hunt | Goldman Sachs

Katarina Hunt

I was born and raised in Slovakia, to a nursery teacher and a photographer.

I had a passion for art and drawing, and I wanted to pursue both as a career. Education is really important in Slovakia and my mum encouraged me to focus on art as a hobby and not as my career. Instead of going to art college, I continued in my studies and enrolled to a secondary grammar school where I discovered a passion for science, particularly chemistry and maths. I had an inspiring teacher who at the age of 15 taught me how to program in Pascal.

Alongside my older sister who enrolled into Computer Science university, my teacher became an inspiration to me. Women around me were working with computers and I really enjoyed it myself. I ended up going to Electrical engineering university, and completed a masters in Computer Science in London, before getting a job in a start up healthcare company as a web developer. I found programming fun and creative, and, to some extent, reminded me of art. Creativity, innovation and imagination are skills I use on a daily basis combined with analytical and engineering. I love it.

I now work at Goldman Sachs, a place I had never heard of when I was at the university. I started as a programmer, working on the automation of trade bookings and progressed across various technologies and areas into a role where I am now. I am now responsible for Automation Engineering of Equity Derivatives business. It is really fun and great to see how technology can bring efficiency to the day to day work of traders and sales.