Kayla Lawrie

Kayla Lawrie | PwC

Kayla Lawrie

After I left high school my eyes were set on a career as a professional dancer, it was something I trained for my whole life and I never entertained alternative careers, however in my early 20s an injury forced me to adjust course.

While figuring out what was next for me I found myself working behind the infamous Apple Genius Bar which officially kick started my career in tech.

About a year after this I accepted an offer to join PwC Australia as a Tech Lounge Consultant and also had the opportunity to undertake a secondment into Experience Design where my brain nearly exploded with how much I learnt from easily one of the most uniquely talented teams I’ve ever worked with. This secondment really shifted my thinking on what a career in tech could look like for me and it sparked my hunger to learn even more.

In August of 2019 I took on my biggest challenge yet moving across the world to London to join PwC UK as a Service Design Lead. Since then I have spent my time working across various projects and initiatives exploring how user adoption can be impacted by focusing on product design, change management and support models.

Throughout the earlier stages of my career I felt a little directionless and wasn’t entirely sure what pathways there were for me, especially as a young woman in tech. Whilst I have been very lucky in having wonderful mentors guide me I always have felt a drive to give back and help give other women in tech opportunities to learn and progress in their careers. When I landed in the UK I started volunteering for Girls in Tech London where earlier this year was appointed a member of the Advisory Board heading up the chapter’s PR and social media strategy. My time with GiT London was inspiring and I met the most amazing group of women who really inspire me to keep giving back. Most recently I have joined the team at Women in Tech Club where I hope to kick some major goals and find new ways to inspire my fellow women in tech to dream big and be unapologetic about it!

Working in technology wasn’t in my plan for life, but I am excited to be where I am and for what opportunities lie ahead of me.