London opens doors for women in tech survey finds

40% of the UK’s women in tech workforce work in London, a survey has revealed as part of London Technology Week.

house of parliament london - women in techAccording to a survey of 3700 professionals by recruiter Mortimer Spinks, one in ten tech teams based in the city have no female employees. Furthermore, more than half of those questions said less than 15% of their teams are women.

A third of London tech companies claim to have formal initiatives in place to recruit more women to the workforce, compared to less than a quarter in the rest of the country.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan said: “London Technology Week has shown how the capital is the most important tech hub in Europe with its vibrant mix of investors, talent and creativity. Although the sector is flourishing, it is vital that we actively encourage more girls to work in digital and tech to reverse the under-representation of women in this industry. Our current female tech pioneers are the role models for the next generation and as the father of two teenage girls, I want them to have the same opportunities and aspirations.

“I am determined to work hand-in-hand with individuals and employers like these to nurture more young female entrepreneurs that will contribute to London’s economic prosperity.”

Mortimer Spink’s survey echos figures released this week by Tech London Advocates, which found that 18% of London tech companies had no women at board level.

Russ Shaw founder of Tech London Advocates said: “Technology’s gender problem is the industry’s guilty secret that we need to address. Despite a range of highly successful female founders and CEOs in London, senior roles and management teams at digital businesses have more of a 'boy’s club’ factor. For a sector driven by the need for highly skilled and creative talent, failing to harness those currently under-represented makes bad business sense.”

"London Technology Week is an opportunity to celebrate the opportunities technology companies hold for all Londoners, cutting across age, gender, ethnicity and background. The private sector must come together to expand diversity initiatives and work with local communities to make technology careers accessible and attractive to everyone."

Kevin Pearce, London Technology Week Event Director, UBM EMEA London said: “London has long been heralded as one of the most diverse cities in the world. But being the best, does not excuse us from our duty to do more. The rapid growth of our thriving tech sector has shined a spotlight on our need for talent, skills and creativity from all backgrounds. That spotlight has also shown that even within our most progressive digital industries, their are imbalances in development and opportunities. Having introduced a dedicated 'Talent & Inclusion' events stream to the London Technology Week 2016 programme, I am delighted to see so many activities across the week addressing this theme.”

Tiffany Lathe, VP and General Counsel, Rackspace, said: “Today’s findings that one in ten tech teams in London have no female employees is a further reminder that technology’s gender problem, although improving, has not gone away, and there is still a significant lack of women working in technical or digital roles.

“As an industry, we have to work together to inspire younger generations to pursue the study of and careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects, and encourage them to realise what an exciting and dynamic area it is to be involved in.  There is more to be done to overcome this gender gap in the London tech scene, starting by putting more formal initiatives in place and encouraging conversations in this area.”

London Technology Week 2016 will see a record number of over 300 events take place across the capital between 20-26th June.

CA holds I’m a Girl & IT Counts female summer school as part of London Technology Week

CA recently held a summer school event as part of London Technology Week called ‘I’m a Girl & IT Counts’.

house of parliament london - London Technology WeekThe event was hosted by IT Counts & Queen Mary University and saw 50 Year 10 female students from Acton School in London experience a lecture, campus tour, ICT Workshop, lunch, career panel discussion and learnt about what it’s like to study IT.

IT Counts is a social enterprise started by a group of IT Management for Business (ITMB) students in 2014 from Manchester University. The group launched the initiative to inspire students to consider careers in technology.

CA became the first partner of IT Counts in June 2015 in a bid to help the group research and develop education materials, and form a teacher-training programme. The partnership was also formed to host five one-day workshop/summer school for students and a one-day summer school for teachers.

This week’s summer school event is IT Count’s first step in showing other universities how to run their own to engage with local secondary school students.

CA’s own intern Annabel Sunnucks took part in a career panel discussion at the event.

Sarah Atkinson, Vice President, Communications and Exec Sponsor Gender Diversity EMEA, said: “This program is a great example of paying it forward. The ITMB students will be great role models in inspiring the next generation to consider careers in STEM.”

This week marks London Technology Week which sees a variety of city based companies and enterprises working together to shine a light on the IT industry.

London Technology Week kicked off with an exhibition of the best British fashion technology.

Some of the UK’s leading fashion technology designers showcased their work, which included a 3D printed wearable garment designed by Modeclix; the world’s first holographic intelligent mannequin from Headworks; and a behind the scenes look at London Fashion Week using 360 degree video and content curated by creative communications agency Village.