Kirsty Griffiths | LV=

During 20 years at LV= I’ve held an eclectic and varied number of roles, working my way up through the General Insurance business from a Customer Service Representative to Customer Service Manager before moving into IT in 2009.

I started in IT as a Capacity and Availability Analyst but soon started taking on more project work and additional responsibilities. A year and half later I moved into Problem Management where I picked up responsibility for setting up, and embedding, the Problem process across CIO. As the process owner I constantly work with my team and stakeholders to seek out improvement opportunities ensuring the process is as effective and efficient as possible. In addition I have established Continuous Improvement methodology within IT Service Management and driven cross-team collaboration to breakdown silo working environments. I am also actively involved in our transformation work streams, specifically championing DevOps and Future Ways of Working. I often support other teams providing facilitation for process improvement initiatives.

In addition to my day role I sit on the Steering Committee of our Women’s network, PACE, in the role of Lead PACE Setter. I look after the PACE champions in each office and work with them to organise both local and group events to champion gender diversity and supporting women to reach their full potential.

Throughout my time in LV=, and especially IT, I have pro-actively sought opportunities to learn and use new skills. I have successfully completed all my ITIL intermediate qualifications and I’m currently preparing to complete my Managing across the Lifecycle qualification. Additionally I am just about to commence a Level 5 Management Apprenticeship to further develop my leadership skills.

Kate Gaymer

Kate Gaymer | LV=

My career has been predominantly based in and around digital development and technology, encompassing everything from building servers through to user experience and different programming languages. It all started as part of my Multimedia Communications BSc degree at Bournemouth University where in my final year I had to build a working programme to go with the dissertation and chose to build a web app. It’s also where I realised that I was part of a very small and unique group of women graduating in the digital space, with only 3 of the 50 people on the course being women in 2006.

From university, I joined my first company working as a junior developer, building e- commerce sites. This developed over 6 years as I gained the opportunity to manage the development team as well as the project and account management functions. Ultimately, as the company grew in size, I was able to develop service standards and create a support desk, which gave me another opportunity to run that area.

From there I joined LV as a Digital Delivery Manager role, and as the digital appetite and capability grew, I recruited more delivery managers and was able to take on the data and analytics team. This has ultimately given me my current role as Head of Digital Delivery and Operations, where I’ve built strong relationships with stakeholders across the business, influencing and delivering our digital strategy by continually optimising platforms and solutions.

Within the team itself, I’m accountable for delivering the strategy and operations, creating the ‘how’ for the team and the way in which we deliver. This includes forecasting of 2019 spend, supplier management, risk and governance and digital strategy to align with the LV brand for our customers so that we really understand what is needed to deliver the digital LV of the future.

Catriona Elton

Catriona Elton | LV=

Catriona Elton
I started my career as a Dental Nurse years ago when we used paper files and was part of the transaction over to digital patient records which was a huge technology step at the time. I moved 500 miles and started in LV as CSR and moved over to the medical underwriting team as part of a newly launched telephone interview team I really enjoyed being part of the project and the launch of new technology. A secondment role came up for a trainee BA which I applied for and thankfully got. I started working on small projects with support form senior Ba's then started to lead my own small projects moving forward. I am now a level 3 BA and have lead on a major decommissioning project which has saved the company 450k a year and has allowed us to move to new premises.