Madhvi Tailor | Delta Capita

When I was doing my A Levels, I saw an advert for computers on a bus which said something along the lines of “Computers are the future”.

That day, I changed my mind and decided to study Computer Science and not medicine as I had originally planned.

I started my career as a developer after graduating with a first class B.SC (Hons)Computer Science. On my second project which was just 2 years into my career, I was working as a senior developer training junior developers in my teams and setting high standards for coding.

As I progressed through my career, I led a team of developers for on a post trade system. Also worked on system implementations at a number of investments banks.

When I started my family, I decided that I wanted to embrace my role as a mother and had a six year career break. Looking back, this was the best decision I could have made and absolutely enjoyed being a full time mum.

Stepping back into the technology world was daunting, however, I realized that all the unix commands and coding knowledge was still in my head, it just needed a nudge to come to surface. To my surprise, my fingers typed away and it seemed as if I had never left the tech playground.

I grew from strength to strength as I worked as a freelance technical BA, business BA, project manager or a mixture of all three. I thrived on the variety of projects and business areas that my work covered.

I constantly attended courses which I classed as a break from my day to day work. I did BCS Diploma in Business Analysis, Data Analytics, Lean Six Sigma, Agile, Leading SAFe and Artificial Intelligence Programme. This quenched my thirst for constant learning and growing, however, I wanted to do more while also balancing my work/family. This led me to certify and become a success mindset and empowerment coach to help women in their careers.