Mansha Rajani

Mansha Rajani | IBM

Mansha Rajani

Growing up in the small coastal Indian state of Goa, I moved to the UK at the age of 17 to pursue a BSc (Hons) Management degree from the University of Bath.

In 2019, I secured a placement with IBM as a Business Operations Specialist and have since completed a 13-month internship at their London Southbank office.

While at IBM, I supported the BP Integrated Account leadership team in managing strategic operational tasks. Subsequently, I up-skilled myself technically so as to support client projects in the capacity of a licensed Scrum Master, UX/UI designer, service designer, graphic/visual designer, content creator and researcher. I am passionate about environmental activism and, in 2019, I helped organise Think Climate (a climate, tech and sustainability conference as part of Al Gore's Climate Reality Project) and the IBM Energy Hackathon (a conference on effective energy utilisation).

I am a strong advocate for young women in tech; I have been part of the IBM Ignite Scheme (which provides vocational training and work experience to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds), wherein I mentored a fellow woman in tech during her time at IBM. I also organised an event on 'Gender Bias in AI' in partnership with mBolden (a non-profit championing women in digital). Additionally, I was part of the IBM BAME Business Resource Group and the Diversity and Inclusivity Taskforce.

I am now looking forward to completing my final year at university and continuing my journey within technology because I strongly believe that technology, when created ethically, can improve life.