Marlene Spensley

Marlene Spensley | Hitachi Vantara

Marlene Spensley

I began my technology career with a degree in electronic engineering and computing at University where I was one of just a handful of females on a course of over a hundred people.

We have come a long way since then with many more women in tech but there is still a long way to go, which is a change I am keen to be part of.

Since those days, I have enjoyed a successful career in technology sales and partner management, building profitable businesses within the channel ecosystem of technology vendors, distributors and partners of all shapes and sizes. I have specialised in technical fields such as DevOps and cloud automation where I have seen myself as an ambassador for innovation within the channel and enjoyed inspiring, teaching and empowering others. Building relationships, constantly learning and being bold & proactive have helped me to have some great success but I have also suffered from confidence issues and felt imposter syndrome on many occasions, like many women. In many of my roles, I have been the only female in the team and felt I had to make my voice heard and stand up for myself which isn't easy and sometimes made me question myself and if I was qualified for the job. I began to work with a business coach who has helped me to acknowledge my career success and talent and appreciate that I have not just been 'lucky' but deserve to be where I am.

My new-found confidence has helped me to take on some tough work challenges such as turning round an under-performing business and dealing with hostility and conflict. My coaching experience inspired and empowered me to help others with their confidence issues, personal brand and career development and I now mentor a number of individuals both internally and externally which has been mutually rewarding, especially when I see the positive change in their confidence and outlook.