Monica Menniti

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Monica Menniti

After seven years as a registered nurse and having had the privilege of working in healthcare systems around the world from Finland, USA, Australia, Zambia and here in the NHS in England, I noticed there were common themes in barriers to successful healthcare delivery across the globe.

What was apparent in every country I worked in is that the use of technology was the key to solving some of the biggest issues. I kept these ideas in mind as I went on to study my Master of Public Health at the University of Hertfordshire, where I began to join together my passion for technology and healthcare system improvement. I wanted to be part of finding ways to solve our most common population health problems with smart, innovative and cost effective solutions.

Coming from a traditional nursing background, my healthcare colleagues didn't quite understand me when I said I wanted to work in tech, so breaking away from a clinical setting was a big step for me. Now, since joining MySense at the start of 2020, everyday I get to work with amazing AI and IoT tech that is transforming lives on a scale much larger than ever anticipated. I love my unique role because it bridges the gap between the solution in theory and everyday practice for clinical practitioners, social workers, carers, family members and individuals.

I am first and foremost a nurse; caring for people is part of the fabric of who I am. Being able to use technology to help those struggling to navigate the challenges of caring for a family member who is unwell, or practitioners who want to do what’s best for their patients but don’t always have the tools is incredibly rewarding. As a leader, I hope to continue to make technology less intimidating for those on the ground in the frontline delivery of care, paving the way for a true revolution in personalised, preventative health and social care. Breaking down technology barriers in historically female-dominated professions like nursing is especially important to me.