Charisma Buxton

In Her Shoes: Charisma Buxton | Big Data Developer, Morgan Stanley

Charisma Buxton

Charisma Buxton joined Morgan Stanley in 2017 via the Technology Analyst Program in Glasgow, following completion of her Masters’ degree in Data Science from the University of Dundee.

In 2020, Charisma joined the Cybersecurity team as a Data Scientist. Charisma recently moved over to Legal, Compliance and Governance and is currently working as a Big Data developer in Legal and Compliances’ Resilience Team in London.

On a typical workday, how do you start your day and how does it end?

My typical workday starts with a mug of hot chocolate and reviewing emails. I check my Jira board to prioritise tasks for the day, then check my to-do list to see items from the previous day that need to be completed. From there it’s mostly meetings or working on my ongoing projects. The day ends with me updating my Jira boards and updating my to-do list.

Did you ever sit down and plan your career?

Sort of; I knew I wanted to be in technology and a career that involves me working with computers. I also knew I wanted to build and innovate. What I didn’t know was where I would be working and which companies would allow me the space to build, innovate and grow my career, and that’s what I’ve been doing since joining Morgan Stanley.

What do you love about working for Morgan Stanley?

As a black woman, choosing a company to work for has to be a very careful process because an inclusive and diverse workplace is very important. Also, being able to give back and volunteer to my community is very important to me. These are part of the firm’s core values; it’s important to the Firm , which makes Morgan Stanley a good fit for me. The culture and working with smart, friendly and welcoming people has been vital to me and these are just some of the reasons why I love working here.

Have you faced any challenges along the way and if so, how did you overcome these challenges?

Naturally, I have faced some challenges in my career. One of them being not having a lot of women working alongside me in technology and often being the only woman on the team. I decided to help combat this disparity by mentoring young women who want to get into technology and by helping with campus recruitment. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to see you and then realise they can also be standing there in the next two to three years. Like they say, representation matters.

Have you benefited from coaching, mentoring or the sponsorship of others?

I am really grateful for all the formal and informal coaching, mentoring and sponsorship I have received so far from senior figures at Morgan Stanley. It has been an important part of my career and these colleagues have been helping me improve my skills, develop my career, advocate for me and help demonstrate my skills.

Do you believe in the power of networking? If so, where do you network?

Networking is important when it comes to sharing ideas and finding out what others are working on that might interest you. Internally, I am a part of Women In Tech (WIT) and a number of other organisations. Externally, I attend WIT events and hackathons which are great spaces to meet people with shared interests.

What advice would you give to those who aspire to a career in tech?

You should definitely do it; even if you find that the area you start in doesn’t work for you, technology is huge, there are so many other exciting areas you can transition into. You just need the passion and the drive, and you’re set to go.

What does the future hold for you?

My teacher in primary school wrote in one of my reports that the sky is the limit and I’ve been living with that phrase when it comes to my career since then. I aim to keep developing my technical skills, growing my network and to keep building and innovating. Also, to keep giving back through mentoring and sharing my experiences and making sure other young women in Tech also know that sky is the limit.

At Morgan Stanley, our rich history and culture of innovation helps the firm stay on the cutting-edge. Join our team of world-class technologists in solving complex client and business challenges—and make an impact every day.


In Her Shoes: Steph Woodings | Technology Associate, Morgan Stanley

Steph Woodings

Steph joined Morgan Stanley in 2017 as a consultant kdb+ Developer after getting her MSc in Astrophysics from the University of Glasgow.

In 2019, she converted to become a permanent employee of Morgan Stanley and remained in the same team within Institutional Securities Technology until 2021, when Steph took the opportunity to move to a new system within the same division. She now works on an application for trading and analytics for Fixed Income and Commodities products.

Alongside her functional role Steph is also co-chair of the Glasgow Technology Associate Assembly, a shadow board to connect non-officer population and the management team. The goal is to leverage ideas and suggestions from the firm’s Associate population to develop a best in class work place experience for everyone in (and out of) the office.

On a typical workday, how do you start your day and how does it end?

My days begin with an early morning PT session. Then I come home, feed the cats, have a coffee, and get ready for work. Luckily, I don’t live very far away from the office, so I hop on the train to Glasgow city centre.

I always try to start the day by organising my to-do list so I can prioritise my time. Alongside my day-to-day role I usually take some time out of my day for my non-functional responsibilities. I am able dedicate around 10% of my time to my extra-curricular activities, it’s great to have some variety in my day.

After work I meet my partner at the station, and we get the train home together. I love to cook, so I will usually make dinner, then it is time to relax.

Did you ever sit down and plan your career?

As you can probably guess from my academic background, a career in Financial Technology wasn’t what I originally imagined myself doing. I always assumed I would get a PhD and have a career in academic research (I did complete one day of a PhD). Sometimes you immediately know when something doesn’t feel right, and I’m glad I was brave enough to listen to my gut and act upon it.

You could say I accidentally became a Software Developer; because of this, I am very open-minded about my career. I love working in Tech, and I have personal goals to achieve, but I don’t look too far ahead because you never know what opportunities may come along in the future.

What do you love about working for Morgan Stanley?

The main thing that comes to mind is the culture. There is a real community atmosphere. Joining five years ago as a Junior Developer I was welcomed by my colleagues who have continued to support me through both personal and professional development. I feel comfortable knocking on the door of our senior officers for a cup of coffee and a chat, something that you don’t get everywhere.

Have you faced any challenges along the way and if so, how did you overcome these challenges?

The biggest challenge I have faced was really my lack of relevant experience, coming from an astrophysics background. Since joining Morgan Stanley, I have taken on tasks covering the entire tech stack of my projects to continuously develop my knowledge, understanding and experience of computer science and different programming languages. On-the-job learning has been a key part of my development, and the firm has provided me with all the required training and support to gain the knowledge needed to do the job.

Have you benefited from coaching, mentoring or the sponsorship of others?

Absolutely. I am surrounded by brilliant people every day. I learn so much from my colleagues, both junior and senior, and hope that they can also learn from me. I have taken part in development programmes for diverse individuals in the workplace which facilitated finding a mentor. My mentor is separate from my operational line so she can be impartial, it is so helpful to be able to lean on someone whose only intention is to help me develop my career.

Do you believe in the power of networking? If so, where do you network?

Having a diverse network can offer opportunities you might not come across in your day-to-day role. There is huge benefit of putting yourself in front of the right people and demonstrating your passion and skills so that your name pops into their head when these opportunities arise.

I network through the many committees we have in the Glasgow office and beyond into other locations. The Associate Assembly, which I mentioned earlier, purposefully consists of colleagues across Technology and requires me to reach out to senior leaders I wouldn’t usually get the chance to interact with. I have also met many people through the Women in Tech network within the office, leading talks on kdb+ and unusual routes into a career in Tech.

What advice would you give to those who aspire to a career in tech?

We live in a very technology dependent world, which continues to expand into every industry and environment you could think of. Working in tech is exciting, varied, fast paced and skilled problem solvers are in very high demand. The growth of Morgan Stanley Glasgow over the past two years has been immense, and positions continue to open up; my team is currently hiring for multiple junior positions. I am proof that you don’t need a degree in computer science to have a fulfilling career in Tech at a firm such as this. Many different backgrounds offer transferrable skills which can be applied to technology in some form, you might be surprised.

What does the future hold for you?

Technology within a global organisation like Morgan Stanley can offer many opportunities, and I hope to experience working in different environments and cultures. Finally, I am striving to develop my skills into other areas, other languages and aspects of technology. Continuous learning will make sure I’m ready for whatever comes my way next.

At Morgan Stanley, our rich history and culture of innovation helps the firm stay on the cutting-edge. Join our team of world-class technologists in solving complex client and business challenges—and make an impact every day.


Morgan Stanley

Calling female tech students! Join Morgan Stanley for their Step In, Step Up programme

Morgan Stanley, Step In, Step Up

Morgan Stanley have launched their 2022 Technology Step In, Step Up programme for Year 12/13 female tech students.

Morgan Stanley strive to build an organisation that is diverse in experience and background, reflecting their standards of integrity and excellence. One way they demonstrate this commitment is through the Step In, Step Up Programme which is an integral part of Morgan Stanley’s recruiting efforts.

The Step In, Step Up programme is an introductory one-day programme designed for Year 12/13 students who are female and/or identify as female. The day will give an oversight into the different technology programmes Morgan Stanley offers, as well as giving participants the opportunity to partake in interactive challenges, panel sessions and career workshops.

Programme date: 29th July 2022

Deadline for applications: 12th June 2022

Interested in applying?

To apply for Technology Step In, Step Up please register for this event and upload a cover letter explaining why you are interested in technology and why you would like to attend the programme.

Come and learn more about Morgan Stanley’s Technology opportunities and how you can develop your skills in this area.


Morgan Stanley

Recommended Event: 31/03/2022: Women Who Lead - Building Influence & Impact | Morgan Stanley

Morgan StanleyAre you ready to take your career to the next level? Building self-confidence, the importance of authenticity and developing leadership skills are just some of the topics which we will discuss at our ‘Women Who Lead | Building Influence & Impact’ event.

To celebrate Women’s History Month, join us on March 31st,  for this empowering and informative panel discussion. Here you will have the opportunity to hear from inspirational female leaders and allies from within the firm, as they share first-hand experiences and actionable advice on how you can elevate your career with influence and impact.

Hosted in partnership with Morgan Stanley’s Women’s Business Alliance, our team will address these topics, and more. They will share personal career stories and will offer insights on how you can strengthen your profile in an authentic way to make the most meaningful impact.

Don’t miss out, register today to:

  • Learn how to develop key leadership qualities, and the importance of leading with influence
  • Discover how to overcome setbacks, build self-confidence and combat imposter syndrome
  • Find out the impact you can have by being a strong ally and get a behind-the-scenes look into the unique culture at Morgan Stanley and how it empowers women to thrive both personally and professionally

Event Date: Thursday, 31st March, 2022
Time: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM BST

Please note this event will be hosted via Zoom Webinar; attendee details will remain confidential and will not be visible to other attendees.

For questions, please email: [email protected]

Attendees will be sent the joining details by Wednesday, 30th March, via the email address indicated on your registration.

One Tech World Virtual Conference 2022

01 APRIL 2022

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Looking to break into a career in Banking? Apply to Morgan Stanley's Experienced Professionals Program

Morgan Stanley Experienced Professionals Program

Looking to break into a career in Banking?

Due to the popularity of our inaugural Morgan Stanley Experienced Professionals Program for Sales & Trading, Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking Division (IBD) & Global Capital Markets (GCM) division are pleased to announce the launch of their own Experienced Professionals Program, designed to recruit and develop professionals with or without a background in Finance.

Diversity and inclusion are critical to our success as a global organisation and we are committed to creating and providing opportunities that enable our workforce to reflect diverse backgrounds and views.

We welcome highly motivated candidates with 3+ years of postgraduate work experience in a professional environment from a diverse range of industries, including but not limited to: Actuary, Finance/Accounting, Consulting, FinTech, Law and Medicine. In line with our diversity commitments, we strongly encourage applicants who self-identify as Black and/or female.

Training Program

Based on your skillsets, experience and interests’ successful candidates will be offered a permanent, Associate level role in IBD or GCM, with both programs commencing in July 2022. On joining, participants will complete six to eight weeks of formal orientation, training, and development. You will also attend training and study sessions to prepare you for any required licensing and registration exams and will be provided with a wide range of resources and support including a dedicated program leader, mentor and buddy, and ongoing product-specific training and career management tools.

About Investment Banking Division

Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking Division provides industry, regional and product expertise to corporations, institutions, and government clients in order to develop and execute innovative and customized solutions to the most challenging strategic and financing issues faced in the global marketplace.

IBD is comprised of several industry and product groups that work closely with several divisions throughout the Firm to provide relevant market insight, product creativity, and execution expertise to clients. These solutions include initial public offerings (IPO); public and private equity and equity-linked financings; mergers, acquisitions, and restructurings; defense advisory assignments; strategic partnerships; public and private debt placements; share repurchases; and hedging, swaps and derivative transactions.

One Tech World Virtual Conference 2022

01 APRIL 2022

Join us for keynotes, panels, fireside chats, networking opportunities and much more. Supported by 18 corporate sponsors, with over 120 sessions and 160+ speakers across 6 stages – plus watch it on-demand for 30 days!


About Global Capital Markets

Morgan Stanley’s Global Capital Markets division is a world leader in raising capital for a global client base comprising corporations, institutions, and government clients. GCM advises clients, originates, structures and distributes debt and equity offerings as well as derivatives solutions. Whether executing an IPO, a green bond issuance or a leveraged buyout, GCM combines Morgan Stanley’s expertise in both Investment Banking and Sales and Trading to offer our clients seamless advice and best-in-class solutions.

GCM is organised across 3 main verticals:

  • Equity Capital Markets (ECM) bankers focus primarily on IPOs, SPACs, equity financing and equity-related solutions
  • Fixed Income Capital Markets (FICM) bankers focus primarily on large Investment-Grade bond offerings, acquisition financing, sustainable offerings and debt-related solutions
  • Leveraged Finance (LevFin) bankers focus primarily on High-Yield bond offerings, LBOs and project finance


You must have at least three years of post-graduate experience along with a strong academic background (an MBA, CPA and/or CFA designation would be an asset), analytical skills, client and/or project management skills, excellent communication and genuine intellectual curiosity. Applicants should be results driven, committed to excellence in their work and able to perform to a high standard under pressure and against tight deadlines.

Application Process & Deadline

In order to be considered, candidates must apply by March 6, 2022 at 23:59 GMT. As part of the application process, you will have the option to select your division of preference. The selection process will conclude by the end of April and all applications will be reviewed post this deadline.

Program Location

The Program is based in Morgan Stanley’s London offices. The health and safety of our employees is important to Morgan Stanley and with this in mind the firm has put in place a broad range of measures. We will take into consideration government guidelines and any other relevant factors at the time to determine whether part of the program ought to take place in a virtual environment at our discretion.

Diversity & Inclusion at Morgan Stanley

Commit to Diversity and Inclusion is one of our core values at Morgan Stanley. We strive to build an organisation that is diverse in experience and background, reflecting our standards of integrity and excellence. A diverse, dynamic, and inclusive culture underlies the success of our company. It widens our perspective, helps our employees achieve their professional objectives and allows us to better serve our clients.

About Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is a leading global financial services firm providing a wide range of investment banking, securities, investment management and wealth management services. The Firm’s employees serve clients worldwide including corporations, governments, and individuals from more than 1,200 offices in 43 countries.

As a market leader, the talent and passion of our people is critical to our success. Together, we share a common set of values rooted in integrity, excellence, and strong team ethic. Morgan Stanley can provide a superior foundation for building a professional career – a place for people to learn, to achieve and grow. A philosophy that balances personal lifestyles, perspectives and needs is an important part of our culture.


Charisma Buxton-Tetteh

Charisma Buxton-Tetteh | Morgan Stanley

Charisma Buxton-Tetteh

Charisma joined Morgan Stanley as a Technology graduate in 2017.

Initially working as an Applications developer, she later transitioned into the Cybersecurity team as a Data scientist where she now builds Machine Learning (ML) models/tools and analytics to detect cybersecurity threats. She has a BSc in Computer Science from KNUST in Ghana and a MSc in Data science from the University of Dundee.

Debajani Mishra

Debajani Mishra | Morgan Stanley

Debajani Mishra

Debajani Mishra is a Vice President at Morgan Stanley, based in London. She helps drive the Agile & DevOps transformation within the Enterprise Technology and Services (ETS) division.

As part of her role, she coaches fleets and squads across various departments, influences their Agile organisational design, knowledge share and training efforts.

Debajani joined Morgan Stanley in 2018 through the Firm’s Return to Work program. Prior to this, she played variety of technology roles in Barclays, Sainsbury’s and Carphone Warehouse where she was responsible for delivering digital transformation projects. After graduating as a Chemical Engineer, Debajani started her career in technology as a developer and then technical lead in Trigent Software for four years providing services to US based customers. She then spent next eleven years with Infosys and Accenture working on various products, technologies and delivering solutions for global customers.

Karen Doyle

Karen Doyle | Morgan Stanley

Karen Doyle

Karen is a Vice President at Morgan Stanley.

She is technical programme lead for EMEA Equity Derivatives Algorithmic Trading and is responsible for key global trading systems and the delivery of a programme of automation in this space. Prior to joining the firm in 2015, she was a Market Data Engineer at Bank of America.

She earned her MSc in Computer Science at Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland in 2005, before joining a FinTech start-up in Belfast. In her roles as Technical Account Manager and subsequently as Delivery Manager, she spent five years working with clients across the financial industry in New York, Chicago and Paris, specialising in low latency Market Data distribution. She currently resides in London.

Clare Quigley

Clare Quigley | Morgan Stanley

Clare Quigley

Clare Quigley is a transformation leader in the Technology division at Morgan Stanley. Her focus areas have been in the Agile and, DevOps spaces, and most recently in the Sensitive Data programme.

Clare studied History & Politics at University of Glasgow followed by a Post-grad in IT with Information Systems Provision at University of Paisley. She then worked as a Project Manager in a variety of industries including Life Finance, Utilities and Aviation before deciding on Technology.

Claire joined Morgan Stanley as the Portfolio Lead for Application Infrastructure responsible for the financial management, including resource management and benefit tracking, in the IT infrastructure environment. Most recently Clare has been driving agile adoption in her super department, establishing fleets and working with the Developer Experience Platform group. Clare was instrumental in introducing Kanban to her department and through monthly Kanban Knowledge Shares helped other teams globally with their Kanban adoption. In 2019, Clare authored the Kanban implementation playbook and helped to devise the online training ‘Kanban Bootcamp’ as part of the Agile Transformation Program. Clare has also worked as an Agile Coach, helping teams successfully adopt agile practices. In 2020, she became the Fleet Enablement Lead for DevOps, working alongside the Global Head of DevOps to deliver maximum productivity with minimum waste to the development and operations communities in Technology (~20,000 technologists). In this role, she supported the program in delivering key DevOps objectives including automation in our Software Delivery Life Cycle, shift left principles, implementing CI/CD and establishing a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) function.

Clare has recently joined the Firmwide Sensitive Data & Security PMO team, ensuring that sensitive data is protected from loss across all pathways, including cyber, third party, insider and technology.

Nuray Muzaffarova

Nuray Muzaffarova | Morgan Stanley

Nuray Muzaffarova

Nuray Muzaffarova is an associate in the Institutional Securities Technology division at Morgan Stanley where she works on a real-time pricing application used by traders and strats to support the Foreign Exchange and Emerging Markets desk.

Prior to her current role. she was a summer placement at JP Morgan, where she worked as a full stack developer for a trading desktop application. After her placement she worked across multiple teams for over a year. Nuray graduated Computer Science BSc Honours at UCL.