Women tech department heads rise to 7% in 2016 finds survey

The number of women heading up IT departments has doubled to 7% in 2016, according to a joint survey by Mortimer Spinks and Computer Weekly.

The figure was found to be double that in 2015 and not far behind the 9% of male respondents who said they head up IT departments.

In addition the report found a 32% increase in women working in contracting roles within the technology industry. An increase was also reported in the number of people working in permanent technology roles within the same period.

Women tech departments heads riseThe survey found that most women working in technology roles either work in government or not-for-profits.

Furthermore, the study found that male IT professionals are more likely to have been mentored than their female colleagues. 56% of men said they had been mentored at some point, as opposed to only half of women.

Women were found to have taken maths at GCSE or A Level, whereas men were found to be more likely to take graphic design or computer science.

43% of males said that they moved straight into a technology role, whereas only 36% of females said their first job was in technology.

Of those questioned 45% of both male and females believe people outside of the tech sector held a positive outlook on what a career in technology look like.

Company initiatives were also found to be on the rise in a bid to increase diversity in tech teams. In 2014 only 12% of people said their firms were trying to increase diversity. In 2015 this figure rose to 15% and in 2016 this figure spiked to more than a quarter. However, 73% of respondents said they were not aware of any formal efforts being made by their companies to increase diversity within their tech teams.

Overall, the survey found a high level of career satisfaction from both male and females. 95% of men and 96% of women said they were happy with careers in technology.

Mortimer Spinks Technology Industry Survey 2016 launches

The Mortimer Spinks Technology Industry Survey 2016 is now open. The survey reveals how people who work in the technology industry think and feel about a whole host of issues.woman with laptop and coffee in hand

Every year recruitment consultant Mortimer Spinks runs a technology industry survey to find out insights in to businesses technology strategies. The survey results are offered to individuals as a career guide and to businesses to support their technology choices and technology talent management.

Mortimer Spinks conducts the annual survey in partnership with Computer Weekly.

Last year the survey saw over 3,000 share their views on topics such as how cautious they are with their personal data to how they feel about their current employer and what really keeps them happy at work.

For 2015 key themes included online privacy, start-up culture, technology dependence, e-mail addiction, crypto currencies, women in technology and innovation. You can read the results from last year’s survey here to gain insights into industry analysis and the tech trends of right now.

You can take the 2016 survey here.