Mumushka Singh

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Mumushka Singh

I am a dual qualified lawyer with experience uniquely placing me to provide leadership at the forefront of my law practice.

I work at CMS (in London) and have extensive experience advising technology companies, venture capitalists and angel investors.

From as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about both law and technology. At high school in the late nineties, I was amongst those girls who were learning to code proficiently in C++. My journey as a lawyer began as an immigrant to the UK a few years ago, following my masters from the London School of Economics. Having suffered the rippling effect of the Lehman Brothers crash led recession as a young graduate, I was driven to find a way to pursue sectors at the forefront of law. My curiosity to know more about cutting edge technology companies, their founders, their struggles and assist where I could (on and off work) stemmed from that naturally.

Prior to CMS, I have worked at a couple of other well-known city firms that also have a prominent practice for emergent technology companies. In addition to private practice, I have experienced working as in-house counsel at an artificial intelligence investment fund where I got to meet and work alongside some of UKs hottest AI companies that are revolutionising the world as we know it.

I have advised hundreds of start-ups and my practice is visibly committed to the technology sector. As a technophile I have been autodidactic with my sectoral knowledge of fin-techs, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Some of my most rewarding experiences have been advising successful technology start-ups that have now become household names.

I have been fortunate to have met strong female mentors who shared their experiences with me. To pay it forward I am particularly interested in improving the landscape for female founders in the technology sector. I frequently vocalise my views through newspaper and journal articles to raise awareness about inherent bias and highlight tips to overcome such challenges faced by female founders. I am an active member of CMS’ equIP programme for start-up companies and our #LeadHers campaign to promote female entrepreneurs.

Coming out of Covid times, I find it to be a really exciting time to be in law. We have all witnessed the rise of tech giants through the pandemic, with different trends and technologies now coming together to make it an unprecedented time of change in the industry. My journey has aided me to pull on my breadth of experience to have a meaningful impact on business and wider legal sector, all at the same time doing something which I am truly passionate about.