Lauren McKirdy | NatWest Markets

I graduated from the University of Hull in 2005 with a degree in Theatre Studies, (not the most obvious starting point for a career in tech!).

In 2006 I started my first full time professional job in the city with a small Tech start up that was based in London Bridge. The company started as a publishing house and branched out into providing online publishing software for local and central government. I was lucky enough to join at time when the company was at the start of this venture, we grew quickly and I ended up taking on a role on the support desk for the customers, who were using the software that the company was making.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and got a great insight into the full development lifecycle for inception to roll out, this was a career turning point for me, it was fast past, innovative and exiting and was where a Tech career began for me.

In 2008 I joined what was then the Global Banking and Markets division of the Royal Bank of Scotland as an application support analyst in Technology. I was focused on supporting the CRM tooling that the bank was using at the time. Over my 10 year career here I have had the benefit of working in various parts of the technology functions that support our Investment Banking operations and have gone on to manage global teams and project deliveries, always focused on supporting our Front Office in using the technology that supports their delivery to our clients.

Dinah Diab

Dinah Diab | NatWest Markets

Dinah Diab

I graduated with a BSc in Economics from Royal Holloway University of London in 2015. Shortly after graduating I started a 2 year Alumni Program with Mthree Consulting (Oct 2015). The program's main goal is to get graduates into a Tech related roles within Banking, and I was placed with NatWest Markets where I worked as a Business Analyst in Trade and Transaction Reporting Technology.

Following the conclusion of the 2 year program, I have been offered a permanent Associate position with NatWest Markets (starting mid October 2017).

During my two years I have had two main roles:

1. Technology Controls for the MiFID Transaction Reporting system

In this role I ensure that any external factors such as upstream releases or development changes do not impact reporting to the regulator by performing regression testing and reviewing results with our development team in India. I monitor transaction flows which allow us to manage and investigate issues early to ensure we meet the T+1 reporting obligation and notify senior stakeholders of any heightened awareness periods or risks associated with releases.

2. Business Analyst on the Corrective Reporting Project

In this role I analyse live trade data to identify trade populations impacted by regulatory breaches for corrective reporting delivery. I also streamline processes to work towards our target operating model.