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Vacancy Spotlight: Senior Frontend Angular Engineer (m/f/x) | Celonis

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Are you ready for a new challenge? Celonis is looking for a Senior Frontend Angular Engineer in Munich, Germany!

Being a global hyper-growth leader in process mining technology, our goal at Celonis is to establish our Intelligent Business Cloud as a standard SaaS solution in any company. As Senior Frontend Engineer at Celonis, you are responsible for optimizing and implementing existing product features and winning our users through your brilliant applications. With your extensive knowledge in Angular 8, Typescript 3, HTML5 and SASS we are creating innovative data visualizations in the field of process analysis. You will further work on our in-house developed components library that is being used by multiple teams and applications. You are passionate about data visualization and developing web applications? Read on!


  • have an above – average university degree in the area of computer science or a comparable education
  • have 5+ years of experience in Frontend Development
  • are passionate about developing user experience focused web applications
  • have experience with Angular, TypeScript/JavaScript, HTML5, CSS/CSS preprocessors
  • are a sharp-minded Web Developer with a clear way of expressing things
  • have a high level understanding of domain, product and architecture
  • can solve complex problems with limited supervision
  • are able to supervise and coach junior and mid-level colleagues
  • have very good English skills


  • see people as the fundamental pillar of our success. Therefore, we invest into the personal growth and skill development of each individual alongside with the strength finder test
  • offer attractive compensation models (best-in-class salary, stock option packages, employee referral bonus, family service, flexible working hours, etc.)
  • are visionary and one of the fastest growing Software-Unicorns in the world
  • are experts in the field of Process Mining - the new Celonis Execution Management System provides a set of instruments and applications: the EMS offerings help companies manage every facet of execution management from analytics, to strategy and planning, management, actions and automations
  • distinguish ourselves through a unique combination of innovative start-up atmosphere paired with great professionalism and self-responsible work


To find out more and apply, please contact: [email protected]

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Kickstart your career in tech from the comfort of your own home

Article by Shan Beerstecher, Club Executive at AND Digital

We’ve all seen the stats. Despite a decade-long push to try and encourage women into tech roles, females still only represent around 19% of the digital workforce. It’s time to make a change. 

As the events of Covid-19 encourage us to chase new talents and pick up new skills, we now have a unique opportunity to kickstart a career in tech. And thanks to the shift to digital, this can all be done from the comfort of our own home. Here are a few of my tips.

Expand your network

It really is true that empowered women, empower women. Joining online forums and attending virtual meetups is a great way to meet people with a mutual interest in learning about tech, to trade tips and boost confidence in those early stages. This is also a great way to build your network within the industry. You don’t know which new connection might be working in the company of your dreams, have the intel on the next big hiring spree or be able to guide you into your ideal role.

It’s also very important to remain inspired while pursuing your new career in tech. Find motivating female role models on LinkedIn or listen to their Ted Talks. If you come across someone that really strikes a chord with you; follow them, listen to them, and if you can, connect with them.

Sign up for online courses

The most obvious way to test the water of your tech career – just give it a try. There are a lot of great online courses out there, many of which are free to encourage interest in the sector. When you can give coding a go without parting with your pennies (or leaving your sofa), there really is nothing to lose.

For example, Code First Girls (CFG), an online community dedicated to empowering women in tech, has created a range of great free courses to develop your skills in the programming world. Its eight-week Coding Kickstarter course will launch on September 7th, offering an introduction to frontend development, JavaScript, and equipping you with all of the skills you need to try building your own website from scratch. The fantastic team at CFG have worked hard to create courses that cater to different interests in tech, so if Coding Kickstarter isn’t quite what you are looking for, you can browse the rest of their sessions here.

Focus on your soft skills

One of the biggest myths I encounter in the industry is that you need a tech degree to work in tech. It just isn’t the case. I’m not technical and my tech career has spanned nine years. On top of there being an abundance of non-technical roles within the digital industry, from owning and understanding products, to driving delivery, designing, and leading teams; soft skills can be a lot more important than what you have written down on paper. What you need is a passion for what technology can give you, your community, our society and a willingness to learn.

Can you collaborate effectively within a team? Are you a great listener? If you can showcase soft skills such as empathy, respect and creativity, you’re already halfway there in securing your new tech role. Remember, technical skills can always be learnt.

A great way to showcase soft skills is through your own pet projects – side hustles if you will. Taking time out of your personal schedule to pursue a new hobby shows genuine interest in the topic, an ability to prioritise your time, and most importantly, spotlights your personality. Another popular myth to bust is that we are not all robots working in tech. We all have interests outside of work, and this is the side of you your new employer wants to see.

This is something we are big on at AND Digital. Even our job descriptions are double-barrelled. For instance, while my official role is Club Executive AND Proudly South African – a testament to my home country and obsession with Nelson Mandela leadership styles - my team consists of fitness fanatics, amateur bakers and body poppers, to name just a few! It adds a personal touch to our email signatures but also makes for a great conversation starter - who really enjoys small talk anyway?

Have confidence

Pursuing a career in tech is not as daunting as it may seem. I’ve actually found it to be one of the most inclusive and supportive fields I have had the pleasure of working in. Digital is virtually limitless, attracts some of the best minds of our generation and is guaranteed to continue going from strength to strength in coming years. Tech is booming across the world, but there will always be the need for a strong digital workforce to drive it forward. Why shouldn’t you be one of them?

If we continue taking steps to support each other, make use of online resources and accentuate the brilliant qualities of our ‘non-work’ selves, I’m confident we can overcome gender misrepresentation in digital and encourage many more women into tech.

Shan BeerstecherAbout the author

Shan is an innovative and collaborative digital leader with experience across diverse industries and geographies. Bringing a balance of business, people/culture, digital and agile delivery into all of her work, Shan has led digital transformation projects for a number of large financial services organisations and created value for global brands such as Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff and Guinness.

If you are a job seeker or someone looking to boost their career, then WeAreTechWomen has thousands of free career-related articles. From interview tips, CV advice to training and working from home, you can find all our career advice articles here

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Never say these things in a job interview!

young graduate woman being interviewed for a job

Even experienced professionals get nervous during interviews – if there’s a role that you’re keen to secure it’s natural to feel under pressure.

When you feel apprehensive, keep calm and remember that this is your chance to make an impression. Most interviews are straightforward, as long as you’re prepared and steer clear of potential pitfalls.

To help you avoid these, we’ve listed six things to think about when you’re talking to Employers. So, take a deep breath, celebrate the fact that you’ve been offered this opportunity, and read on.

Don’t say: ‘I really need this job’ 

Job hunting is tough, but recruiters don’t need to know how long you’ve been looking for your next role, the fact that others have turned you down, or your personal circumstances. Unfortunately, keenness doesn’t always come across well. Remember, companies will hire the best person not the person who needs it the most. However, it is important to show enthusiasm. Try to achieve a balance between appearing needy and showing that you’re keen to work for someone.

Never say: ‘I don’t have experience in this area’

It’s not a good idea to volunteer a negative in an interview situation. Instead, focus on how you do meet the job description and what you have to offer. Of course, don’t say you’re good at something when you’re not, but try to come across as being confident in your abilities. When you’re asked about your experience and get stuck on a question, think around the situation and ask for clarification if you don’t understand. Always aim to give STAR answers – describing the Situation you encountered, Tasks you were given, what Actions you took and the Result of this. This will help you demonstrate what you know.

Don’t say: ‘Tell me about your company benefits’ 

As a potential Employee, you need to know the basics, such as how much you’ll be paid and your working hours. This said, questions about company benefits and specific housekeeping questions are jumping the gun and are best left until you’ve been offered the job – unless they’ve been mentioned in the advert. Use your questions to show your interest in the Employer, rather than thinking about what they can offer you. For example, you could ask about who you’ll be working with, what projects you might be working on and where they’re hoping to grow as a business in the future.

Never say: ‘I had an awful time at my last job’

This might be the case, but it doesn’t look good if you start bad-mouthing others. Recruiters want to know whether you’re a good fit for the company, someone who is a team player, on-board with their visions and values, and who will remain professional when faced with a challenge. However difficult you found your last job, you should remain positive – talk about what you accomplished there, rather than the times when you were unable to achieve what you wanted. There may be times when you’re forced to give a bit of background. For instance, if you’ve been through a redundancy you may need to explain the gap in your CV, but it’s best to be forward-thinking. Don’t hold a grudge.  Focus on the future and show that you’re ready for a new chapter.

Don’t say: ‘What does this company do?’

You should do some research before applying to the job – in order to inform your application – and once you’re offered an interview you can look at the company in greater detail. Businesses want to know why you’re interested in them, but if you don’t know what they do, you won’t be able to tell them this. Listen to Employers when they talk about the company, and don’t be afraid to ask questions, but these should be informed ones. Try not to ask anything that would be obvious to you if you’d looked on their website.

Never say: ‘This job will be a great stepping stone for me’

It’s good to have ambition, but you also need to show commitment. Hiring a new Employee is a costly process – and it takes time to embed people into a company – so if you’re not planning to stick around, this will raise alarm bells. Recruiters are looking for someone reliable who will get the job done. If you’re thinking about advancing your career, it’s better to ask about how you can progress within the company. This will show that you’re dedicated.

Kate Allen, Managing Director of Allen AssociatesAbout the author

Kate Allen is the MD of Allen Associates, one of Oxfordshire’s leading independent recruitment agencies, that specialises in Marketing, Finance, PA/Admin and HR roles. In 2018, Allen Associates launched their first London office, specialising in Marketing, HR and PA/Admin roles.