Nicole Melzack

Nicole Melzack | STFC RAL Space

Nicole Melzack

I completed my MEng in Space Systems Engineering in 2014 and joined STFC RAL Space as a Spacecraft Thermal Engineer. I became the thermal engineer on a calibration target for the Meteosat satellite programme. Developing novel computer modelling techniques for a new approach to temperature control (helium gas gap).

I have also been involved in assessing designs for the Satellite Testing Facilities at RAL Space, and supported the testing of the SPICE instrument, part of the Solar Orbiter spacecraft.

Working with a laser heterodyne radiometer developed at RAL Space, I have been part of adapting a lab based experiment for a CubeSat mission.

I have attended, and presented at a variety of conferences and workshops, including:

Tempmeko Conference in Zakapone, Poland, 2016
The International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES), Charleston SC, 2017
The European Space Thermal Analysis Workshop, ESTEC, The Netherlands, 2016