10/03/2022: Women in Tech Showcase | Now You're Talking Team

Women in Tech Showcase, Now You're Talking event

Now You’re Talking Network Women in Tech Showcase 2022 bringing together women in tech and those that aspire to work in the industry.

Interested in switching into tech or a tech-adjacent role, but not sure how?

Working in tech already and want to network with other women in the space?

Want to know what it it really takes to succeed in tech?

Join our Now You’re Talking Network Women in Tech Showcase bringing together talks from a range of women in tech.


  • TED Talk style speeches from a range of women in tech speakers
  • Women in tech raffle
  • Practical advice for attendees about getting into and succeeding in Tech

This event will take place during the week of International Women’s Day 2022 and this year’s theme is Break The Bias.

Secure your ticket today and spread the word!

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01 APRIL 2022

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