Nyree Basdeo | PA Consulting

Nyree has worked within the tech industry for 15+ years.

She is experienced in managing complex and large scale tech-enabled and Digital Transformation programmes across a range of geographies and sectors and has delivered award-winning work. She has established herself as a leading subject matter expert in this area – having successfully embedded a range of technology, data and AI solutions across organisations by guiding them along their change journey to create value and foster a culture of continuous innovation. In her workplace Nyree co-leads a Digital Change service offering (People and Change Capability) which helps put clients at the forefront of their digital revolution by blending people's skills with technology to drive adoption, unlock greater ingenuity and embed sustainable change. She has a true growth mindset and has undertaken various tech-related training to increase her skills which she then applies to her work. As a leader and role model, Nyree empowers her teams to realise their potential by providing coaching, mentoring and shared learning. This includes harnessing the power of tech platforms and developing mindset and behaviours that unlock capability.

Nyree is passionate about Outreach work and volunteering. Whilst studying for her MBA she undertook Outreach work in Uganda – working with a charity that provides treatment, care and support to children and adults living with HIV, and that also helps orphans to access basic education. Nyree helped to develop their fundraising strategy to achieve sustainable benefits and embedded a tech platform to enable data-driven reporting alongside human insights. She trained the clinical team and helped them develop new ways of working. She felt it was a truly humbling and amazing experience to see how empowered they felt.

Nyree has been pivotal in inspiring colleagues to volunteer, and over the past few years has created a range of volunteering programmes with charities and non-profit organisations; leveraging her tech expertise. This has included providing pro-bono consulting, delivering engagement and training sessions to empower people of diversity to reach their career aspirations, enabling women in STEM and helping provide equal access to qualifications. Nyree is passionate about helping people to realise their potential and reduce inequalities.

Lydia Carr | PA Consulting

I started working as a software developer at PA Consulting after graduating with a physics degree, having enjoyed the satisfaction and creativity of problem solving with programming.

Upon joining PA, I got involved with teaching Code First: Girls introductory courses and realised a passion for developing others and getting more women into technology – particularly being the only woman in the graduate cohort of ten developers. This grew into developing new courses from scratch and leading our Women in Tech coding course teams.

I’ve learned on the job across various clients and technologies over the last four years to become a skilled back-end engineer, proficient in Java, Kotlin and Python. I love to learn and am always looking for opportunities to upskill myself, as well as supporting my fellow engineers.

She Talks Tech podcast - In the Lounge with PA Consulting, 800x600

Listen to our latest She Talks Tech podcast - In the Lounge with PA Consulting: The Importance of Male Allyship

She Talks Tech podcast - In the Lounge with PA Consulting

In this special episode of She Talks Tech, sponsored by PA Consulting, we delve into male allyship – why it’s so important, what it looks like and how we can be allies to each other.

PA Consulting is a leading consultancy organisation that partner with market leaders, disruptors and innovators to move the world forward.

Joining us from PA Consulting today is James Edwards, Technical Director & Managing Consultant; Jiten Kachhela, Global Head of Digital; Andrew Earnshaw, Digital Healthcare Expert & Partner; and Claudia Pellegrino, Senior Agile Consultant.

Listen to discover words of wisdom on becoming an ally, how to be aware of your bias, being mindful of your language, whether allyship extends beyond gender and much more.

If you want to find out more about PA Consulting, click here.


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Girls allowed: breaking the diversity stalemate | PA Consulting

The argument is clear: ‘More women in business equals better business’. The link between financial performance and gender diversity has been researched and reported on over the last decade and is now widely acknowledged to be a simple truth.

At the same time, however, high-profile attempts to accelerate women up the organisational ladder have had only a minor impact on diversity statistics. Shell became the latest corporate giant to admit the topic ‘needed a little bit more time’ when non-executive chairman Jorma Ollila said the company was still searching for “females who really have the ability to contribute” to the board.

So we asked the question: “are we missing something here?”

In a nutshell, the answer our research led us to is ‘culture’.

Organisational culture has been largely overlooked in the gender diversity debate. Research shows that a high-performance culture is critical to success, yet certain cultural conditions – such as long hours and a lack of flexible working – have been identified as barriers to greater diversity. Organisations may employ programmatic interventions to address these challenges, but the problems are often created by an ingrained workplace environment.
Studying the performance and workforce equality of 50 leading organisations, we asked, “what is the relationship between high-performance cultures, the number of women on executive teams and the gender diversity challenge? Are high-performance cultures and gender diversity mutually exclusive?”

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