Deepti Atrish

Deepti Atrish | Poonyah Care Ltd

Deepti Atrish

I am a CEO/ Founder of Poonyah a health tech startup with a focus on Age-tech.

At Poonyah we are creating an ecosystem that uses IoT/ Wearable technology & AI-driven Health Algorithm to facilitate Seniors live independently.

I am a Technology entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience managing the digital agency, founded two start-ups. As a digital marketer, I have extensive hands-on experience in acquiring new business, client servicing, developing & implementing strategies, developing business modelling, product creation and management, redesigning process, paid & programmatic marketing, social & eCommerce across multiple industries. I have also served as a Director at PBS LTD, an independent non-profit organisation that provides mentoring and funding for small businesses.

I am passionate about data-driven and digitally-enabled technology that improves the way health would be managed using AI, IoT and robotics in coming years. Technology is revolutionalising health care in a big way and I am excited to be part of it.

I studied Master in Business Administration and applied the principals in my businesses. I have also studied Disruption Strategy from Harvard University. I am the winner of Top 100 Asian Tech Stars and have been shortlisted for Tech Leaders Awards 2019.