Alexandra Moore | PwC

I have been a Women in STEM for over a decade, completing a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering and now being a key part of PwC’s Tech Infrastructure & Resilience team.

Throughout my degree and engineering placements, the impact of technology resonated with me, from the use of SAP in end-to-end manufacturing processes to the role of data and analytics to glean key insights from lab results when working in research and development. During my final year at University, I took part in PwC’s Women in Tech week where I was encouraged to think innovatively not only about the opportunities tech presents but also the new risks created. The combination of these experiences led me to apply to PwC’s Technology Risk practice.

When I started at PwC I quickly became involved in the technology resilience space, recognising key parallels between the risks in technology to those I had observed in engineering. I now advise clients on their disaster recovery and tech resilience capabilities, utilizing the risk mindset I had developed in my degree. Throughout the pandemic, the importance of technology resilience was becoming increasingly apparent to our clients. It was imperative to ensure our clients were able to operate and recover from a range of threats.

Over the last year, with the increased risk of cyber attacks - my team has been adapting and working with clients to develop their ransomware recovery capabilities. The speed in which we adapt to different challenges in the world excites me. It is incredibly rewarding to see the direct value we bring not only to our clients but also to society.