Listen to our latest She Talks Tech podcast on 'What can we do to encourage more young girls into STEM'

She Talks Tech Podcast, Episode 15

Today we hear an incredible panel, facilitated by Sonya Barlow, discussing how individuals and companies can encourage more young girls to pursue careers in STEM.

We will hear from a number of leaders who are running campaigns and initiatives to support schools and young adults with the skills and encouragement they need to prepare them for a career in their chosen field of technology, science, engineering or maths.

Sheridan Ash works in tech innovation and women in technology at PWC. Rav Bumbra is the founder of Cajigo, a dual app that provides mentoring and support to girls and women to accelerate their growth into tech, digital, engineering and leadership careers. Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE is a British computing, mathematics and language child prodigy – and the founder of ‘Stemettes'. Anna Brailsford is the CEO of Code First and was previously the Commercial Director of Chelsea Slater is the Co-Founder and Director of Innovate – a company getting girls ready for the tech industry, and the industry ready for girls. Sonya Barlow is the Founder of Like Minded Females, a global community dedicated to reducing inequalities and providing a foundation to succeed to women and underrepresented minorities

You can find out more about and connect with the panel on LinkedIn.


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Rav Bumbra

Rav Bumbra | Structur3dpeople

Rav Bumbra

Rav entered into a tech career by chance and spent 15 wonderful years working as a consultant selling IT services and solutions to the public and private sectors.

Craving for a better work life balance and eager to spend more time with her children, Rav decided to change her career in her early 40’s. Her move into tech recruitment, ignited her passion to support more women into the technology industry. In 2016, Rav courageously embarked on her entrepreneurial journey and set up Structur3dpeople, a tech business to help organisations attract, recruit and retain diverse talent. In 2018, Rav developed and launched Cajigo, a mobile learning platform that provides support to empower girls and women into technology fields, by building skills and knowledge through relateable role models and a community of mentors.