Rebecca Warriner | BJSS LTD

I started my IT career on a service desk, where I was recognized for my tenacity, quickly progressing to ITIL Incident Escalation Manager role.

My drive for root cause analysis and “bigger picture” perspective had me recommended by Leadership for a complex department redesign project using the Systems Thinking practice. This introduced me to Lean and Agile, which I found fascinating and fuelled my passion for service improvement.

Moving to consultancy I found a more technical role, where, as well as being a celebrated Change Manager (winning the client’s award for Best Change Manager by supporting and training their team), I fulfilled a junior DevOps engineer role, utilising cloud and database technology. Progressing next to a Service Manager position within the gambling industry, where I drove a ground up re-design and transformation of the businesses approach to working with ITSM, using engineering best practice at its heart, enabling better data quality and automation.

3 years ago, I took the next (and best) step in my career and joined BJSS as a Service Delivery Manager. Stepping in at go-live of a major multifaceted cloud transformation with a national healthcare client, then continuing to deliver high quality features to support critical patient care throughout the pandemic. I have transformed a turbulent operation into a stable and collaborative service delivery engagement, focusing on service improvement and the wellbeing of the people to create a happy and more productive teams. This has allowed me to take on further responsibility, both at a strategic client management level as a Service Delivery Lead, focusing on consistency and quality, as well as in people management and the D&I space, where I am able to help maintain the supportive culture and values I both share with BJSS and treasure in my career.

Over the last 13 years of my tech career, I have worked harder and achieved more than I ever imagined I could. I have always been driven to prove myself, but now I have the belief in myself to know I can keep going further into leadership. In addition to this confidence, my focus has shifted, and people have become a source of great pride in my career, building on a natural desire to help, I am always happy to share my knowledge and experience. Through my D&I work I have been able to create forums for people to educate and understand how we can collectively make a difference, but some of the most rewarding moments of my career have been when, like a proud parent, I have watched someone I coached finally realise their own potential, growing and excelling.

I now get to share that joy by showing them how to pay it forward for the next person, which is a legacy I am honoured to have.