"It was a great platform to test my ability to return to a full-time work environment" | Morgan Stanley's Return to Work program

Debajani Mishra

Debajani Mishra, an alumni of Morgan Stanley’s Return to Work program, reflects on her journey and what she’s achieved.

Morgan Stanley is more than a leading financial services firm. With offices spanning 41 countries, talented and passionate people across the globe bring excellence and integrity to everything they do. Diverse employees work together, to deliver exceptional ideas and solutions to the world’s most complex challenges.

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What is your current role?

I am a Transformation Lead and an agile coach for the Enterprise Technology and Services division within Morgan Stanley.

What attracted you to the Morgan Stanley Return to Work Programme?

Prior to taking a 3-year career break, I had worked for 15 years across the Retail, CPG and Telecom industries, playing various non-technical (project manager, portfolio manager, release manager) and technical (Developer, Tech Lead, Team lead) roles for agile/non-agile projects including some key strategic initiatives.

I took the break to take care of my children and mid-way into the break, I tried my hands at an entrepreneurial initiative as a Product owner. However, I always enjoyed working in a corporate setting and came across the Women Returner website, which is where I spotted Morgan Stanley’s Return to Work Programme.

What in your mind makes this programme unique?

The programme structure was filled with opportunities to develop skills and network within Morgan Stanley, not just the Technology division but across the firm. We were given the opportunity to engage with senior leadership who shared their career stories and gave us valuable insights into both their success and setbacks. The team that I worked with were all very welcoming and supportive.

This gave me a sense of inclusion as even though I had taken a career break, I was not viewed as less capable.

The uniqueness lies in the ‘genuine intent’ of Morgan Stanley to leverage this sort of channel for recruitment.

What skills did you gain through the programme? 

I got the opportunity to work with the Change Management Team, understanding the various governance processes the team performs which is essential for keeping Morgan Stanley’s IT systems risk free. I also learnt about the different levels of risk management in the firm.

We were given access to learning portals such as Pluralsight for technical self-learning.

Besides the day job, I got involved in the Toastmaster club to improve my public speaking skills and confidence. Additionally, I was involved in a few ‘giving back’ initiatives which was a great opportunity to hone my presentation and inter-personal skills.

I am particularly passionate about gender diversity in Technology and involved in a lot of initiatives such as Computing in schools, AppsforGood and Step In Step Up, which aim to improve the pipeline of women in technology. Internally within Morgan Stanley, I help drive the recognition of women through internal and external industry awards which helps promote female talent.

What did you find most rewarding about the programme?

The projects I worked on gave me an opportunity to leverage my existing skills and experience. I was offered three different opportunities to choose from; one of which I felt very passionately connected to, which later led me to my current role as an Agile coach.

Morgan Stanley taking my passion into consideration when placing me really helped me to build on my confidence and strengthened my self-belief.

How did you benefit from the flexibility on offer from Morgan Stanley? 

The programme was a great platform to test my ability to return to a full-time work environment. I had the flexibility to work from home 2 days a week, which was fully supported by my manager and the team. This enabled me to still be able to drop off and pick my children up from school, be present for their sports day or an evening performance and most importantly stay in touch with my children’s school community.

In addition, Morgan Stanley places great importance on Employee Wellness and Wellbeing with several initiatives such as ‘Additional holidays in the summer’, extended child-care support, emergency backup care and several other family benefits which can be leveraged for making work life balance easier.

What advice would you give those thinking of relaunching their career?

Work-life balance is possible. We all have transferable skills and how we use those to get the job done is what matters. Have an open mindset to develop new skills and build out your network. I came across several colleagues within Morgan Stanley who are in a similar situation to mine. This gave me encouragement and confidence during the Return to Work programme.

There is a great network of formal and informal mentorship, such as coffee catchups that are available to everyone. These are great ways to expand your network. I get a lot of very useful and practical mentoring advice on my career, as well as work life balance tips from other women and men who are in a very similar situation to mine.

What is next for you and your career?

Morgan Stanley is a great place to explore career opportunities. The firm’s focus on mobility enables you to explore new opportunities globally within the firm. This is evident from the tenure of some of my colleagues, who have been at the firm for more than 15 years in different roles. As a Technology division, our focus is on Innovation, Effectiveness and Resiliency. I am looking forward to establishing myself as an organisational coach and a technical SME to be able to contribute to this goal.

Trying to return to tech after having a career break? Reignite your career with Tech Returners & Checkout.com

Tech Returners x Checkout.com

Are you looking to return to work after a career break?

Tech Returners have just announced that applications are open for the next ‘Your Return to Tech’ 8-week programme, in partnership with Checkout.com.

If you’re a talented software engineer that has had a career break and you’re in need of upskilling in the latest backend technologies, then this award-winning programme could be for you.

Tech Returners provides the UK’s only free and accessible ‘Your Return to Tech’ programme for individuals returning to a software engineering role following a career break.

Tech Returners has partnered with one of the UK’s leading online payment portals, Checkout.com to hire passionate Backend Software Engineers to join their team. The programme starts in September 2022 with interviews to be conducted with Checkout.com in November 2022.

Tech Returner’s award-winning, ‘Your Return to Tech’ programme involves 8 weeks of utilising the C# language and you will also work with the popular .NET framework. Additionally, you will also receive career and mindset management during the programme including growth mindset, confidence building, and interview preparation.

You will be guided and supported by a team of knowledgeable and dedicated tech coaches and programme mentors who have over 47 years of combined experience across the industry.


Join the webinar

Book yourself onto our webinar with Tech Returner’s newest hiring partner Checkout.com

👉 Meet the tech coaches​

👉 Learn how you can secure a permanent software engineer job with Checkout.com

👉 Meet the Checkout.com engineering team​


13th July 2022

13:30 - 14:30 GMT

Credit Suisse Real Returns programme

Looking to return to work? Re-discover your career with Real Returns™!

Credit Suisse Real Returns programme

For the ninth consecutive year, Credit Suisse is running the Real Returns™ program, which is designed to re-engage experienced, talented professionals who have taken a career break.

Real Returns™ is a paid employment program facilitating a transition back into financial services. The program is full-time and will run for 16 weeks, starting on September 5th, 2022 and finishing December 23rd, 2022.

Real Returns™ provides:

  • An outstanding opportunity to explore a return to financial services and discover what you want next from your career.
  • A focus on transferable skillsets gained during your career break, drawing on your expertise, interests and skills.
  • The environment to make a real impact, working on meaningful project work with clearly defined objectives, measurable goals and a framework for regular feedback.
  • A series of orientation/ training sessions to acclimatise you back into the business environment. You will learn about strategic business and regulatory changes in the financial services industry, undergo executive training to improve your personal impact, and have the opportunity to refresh your technology skills.
  • Many opportunities across our businesses in London, across revenue generating areas, to corporate functions and technical projects in IT. We seek to offer a variety of meaningful experiences across the bank.
  • Support, mentorship and a buddy system throughout the program to ensure that you have a successful experience. We will pair you with a mentor who will be there to advise you before, during and after the program, as well as having the ongoing support of HR professionals and a dedicated line manager.
  • A platform to be creative and a chance to create and craft a network with positive relationships. In addition to your peers on the program and your immediate team, you will be enabled to build powerful and supportive relationships throughout the bank, through a wide variety of networking events, speaker sessions and business insights.

Your future colleagues

We are an organisation which values Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable workplace. Realising the firm’s D&I ambition is an integral part of our global cultural values.

Your skills and experience

To be part of the Real Returns™ program we look for the following:

  • A career break for two or more years at the point of application.
  • A consistent track record of professional experience gained within the financial and/or professional services sector are essential for this program.
  • Experience at VP level or above (or equivalent) before your career break.
  • Previous experience gained within Investment Banking and Capital Markets, Sales, Trading, Research, Private Banking, Wealth Management and Asset Management, Finance, Operations, Legal and Compliance, Audit, Risk, Chief Operating Office, Project Management, IT (technical experience – developers/ engineers etc.).
  • Team-player who understands the value of diversity in the workplace and is dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture in all aspects of working life so that people from all backgrounds receive equal treatment, realise their full potential and can bring their full, authentic selves to work.

You will be competitively remunerated during the program. Please note, participation in the program does not guarantee employment with Credit Suisse after the conclusion of the program.

Applications for the program open on 01 March 2022 and close on 29 April 2022.


Find out more about the programme at Credit Suisse’s taster session

03 March 2022
10am – 12pm

Join the taster session by registering your interest, there is no commitment from your side and during this session we hope to inspire you.

You’ll meet Real Returners’ from the past nine years, hear their stories, and meet the team behind this program.


One Tech World Virtual Conference 2022

01 APRIL 2022

Join us for keynotes, panels, fireside chats, networking opportunities and much more. Supported by 18 corporate sponsors, with over 120 sessions and 160+ speakers across 6 stages – plus watch it on-demand for 30 days!


woman working on her laptop, searching for new jobs, returning to work, WeAreTechWomen jobs

Have you re-entered the STEM sector after a career break? Help STEM Returners understand the challenges faced by those returning to work

woman working on her laptop, searching for new jobs, returning to work, WeAreTechWomen jobs

Have you returned to the STEM sector following a career break? Tell STEM Returners about your experiences.

STEM Returners has launched its annual survey to understand STEM professionals’ experiences of trying to re-enter the sector after a career break.

The STEM Returners Index is open to all STEM professions who have had a gap in their career or who are attempting to return to work or who have recently returned to work.

The survey is anonymous and will ask a variety of questions including reasons for a career break, what challenges were faced when attempting to return to work and what impact COVID-19 had on finding a role.

This is the third Index launched by STEM Returners, which returns highly qualified and experienced STEM professionals to work after a career break by working with employers to facilitate paid short-term employment placements.

STEM Returners was set up by Natalie Desty in 2017 after she saw how hard it was for STEM professionals who had been out of employment for a period of time, to re-enter their profession.

Natalie DestySpeaking about the survey Natalie said, “We know that the UK engineering industry needs hundreds of engineers annually to keep up with demand, but despite this need, there is a pool of STEM professionals on a career break who find it incredibly challenging to return to work – recruitment bias being the main barrier to entry.”

“We want to get more insight into the challenges STEM professionals face when wanting to return to work and how the last two years of the pandemic has effected that process.”

“We can use this valuable information to work with employers and improve their recruitment processes and enable them to see that a gap on someone’s CV does not automatically lead to a deterioration of skills.”

“I would like to personally encourage any STEM professional who has had a career break to take part in the survey and tell us about their experiences.”

“Our last Index had more than 750 respondents, this year we’d like to get more than 1000.”

The 2022 STEM Returners Index will be open until 30 April 2022.


In last year’s survey, both men (39 per cent) and women (43 per cent) said they felt they had personally experienced bias in recruitment processes due to a perceived lack of recent experience.

Nearly a third of female respondents said they had personally experienced bias in recruitment processes due to their gender while 22 per cent of respondents said they feel they have personally experienced bias in recruitment processes due to their race or ethnicity. Additionally, 67 per cent of BME respondents said they are finding it difficult or very difficult to return to work.

The STEM Returners’ programme aims to eliminate these barriers, by giving candidates real work experience and mentoring during their placement and helping them to seamlessly adjust to life back in work. Programmes have been set up with internationally renowned firms including BAE Systems, Leonardo UK, Babcock International and SSE, with more than 200 candidates joining programmes across the UK.

Katie Ireland, STEM ReturnersGeoscientist Katie Ireland made the difficult decision to leave her role to focus on raising her children.

As her children began to get older, she wanted to return to the role she loved. But unfortunately, returning to work after a break was not an easy process.

Instead of recognising that Katie’s time out had made her a more rounded geoscientist, the career break penalty meant she faced rejection when trying to re-enter the industry.

She explained: “My five-year career break had a major impact on how I viewed myself and ultimately my confidence. My confidence was at an all-time low, my memory and ability to retain information was poor and this didn’t come across well. It was hard to explain to others and so difficult for them to empathise.

“I came across the STEM Returners role with Ørsted and thought the term “STEM Returner” perfectly described what I was trying to do.”

Katie took part in a returners programme with Ørsted and has now been made a permanent member of staff. With decarbonisation and the move towards renewable energy, Katie’s career path will be one that is well-trodden over the coming years in STEM.

“The opportunity (at Ørsted) has changed my career in so many ways. Not only has it allowed me to return to work after a career break, but it has given me the chance to transition from oil and gas to the renewables sector.”

STEM Returners Logo

Tech Returners & Dae.mn partnership

Where is the tech talent? Tech consultancy company teams up with Tech Returners to bring careers returners back into tech

London based consultancy business, Dae.mn, has partnered with Tech Returners to up-skill and hire twelve career returners to their technical team.

The free 8-week programme is available to the UK and international residents currently living in the UK. They must have at least 2 years left on their working or student visa to be eligible for the ‘Your Return to Tech’, March 2022 programme.

Upon successful completion of the programme, the cohort will have the opportunity to secure life-changing backend software developer jobs with the technical consultancy company.

Tech Returners, the Manchester based company has opened applications for their award-winning ‘Your Return to Tech: March 2022’ programme to recruit, up-skill, and enable experienced software developers in the UK to re-enter the tech industry. Tech Returners works to bridge the tech skills gap and address the lack of diversity within the tech industry. The programme provides tech professionals who have been struggling to return to tech after a career break (including maternity and paternity leave) with technical up-skilling, interview prep, and confidence coaching.

The March 2022 returner programme is funded by Dae.mn and is open to applicants across the UK who are looking to return to a career in software development with previous mid-level experience.

Dae.mn has committed to hire sixteen backend software developers upon completion of the programme and successful job interviews. Tech

Returners is anticipating a high volume of applications for the March 2022 programme due to Dae.mn’s inclusive and flexible working culture. Dae.mn is offering fully remote roles for successful candidates located anyway in the UK.

Beckie TaylorSpeaking about the new partnership, Tech Returners’ CEO & co- founder, Beckie Taylor said, “We’re excited to partner with Dae.mn for this new programme! Now more than ever, is it important for businesses to shake up how they recruit talent. As most people have seen on the news, there continues to be reports of people struggling to return to their careers after having a career break. And this is especially difficult in the fast-moving sector that is technology. So, we’re proud to provide the opportunity for talented individuals in the UK to not only up-skill on our remote programme, but also the opportunity to secure employment with Dae.mn”.

Dae.mn is one of the latest organisations alongside The Guardian to partner with Tech Returners, who since 2017, has empowered more than 123 careers into technical careers. Dae.mn will join other businesses such as, BBC, Auto Trader, Nando’s, Booking.com, AO.com, Eigen Technologies, Xero, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, and much more companies in empowering career returners.

Applications for the ’Your Return to Tech: March 2022’ programme are open until 23:59 GMT on Monday 7 March 2022.


Supermums launch new campaign to help mothers bounce back from the pandemic

MumsSkillUp Campaign, SuperMums

Supermums has launched new campaign – #MumsSkillUp – to help mothers bounce back from the pandemic.

Women’s jobs are 1.8 times more vulnerable to the COVID-19 crisis than men’s jobs. During the pandemic women have been disportionally effected by job losses and increasing pressure within relationships which has increased the divorce rate and the need for financial independence.

That’s why, during October, Supermums is on a mission to mobilise a global community to help women get back on track across the world, financially, economically and emotionally.

The campaign will help to shine a light on the career opportunities that exist for women (and beyond) that can give them flexible, well paid, resilient careers and financial independence. They will also be sharing positive new stories and sharing educational stories and information to help mums bounce back.

Supermums was founded on a mission to help mums secure a flexible well paid resilient career. The idea originated from our founder Heather Black when she personally experienced the trauma of losing a business and career when new economic and political changes were imposed beyond her control in 2011 which proved to be a turning point in her life. She had to find a way to bounce back and to launch a new career path.

This led Heather to completely change career and retrain as a Salesforce Consultant were she was earning £5k ($10k) a month working part time remotely. She felt that if she could do it then others could do to and she launched Supermums to spread the word in Nov 2016. Fastforward to now she has helped nearly 500 upskill and retrain across 9 different countries.

Speaking about the campaign, Heather Black, Founder, Supermums said, ”I was just about to start a family, we wanted to move out of the city, I didn’t know anything about working in the tech space.”

“I didn’t even know what a CRM was for many years until someone spent the time showing me but then my eyes were opened to a whole new world!”

“I started using a CRM for my business and saw it’s value first hand to improve processes and reporting.”

“I decided I wanted to learn more and consider CRM consultancy as a career choice.”

“Fast forward to now and I’ve got a financially rewarding career that gives me financial independence and stability as a single parent.“


"Twelve weeks later I was delighted to secure a fulltime role" | Morgan Stanley's Return to Work program

Vivian Obodo - Morgan Stanley Return to Work programme

Vivian Obodo, an alumni of Morgan Stanley’s Return to Work program, reflects on her journey and what she’s achieved.

Morgan Stanley is more than a leading financial services firm. With offices spanning 41 countries, talented and passionate people across the globe bring excellence and integrity to everything they do. Diverse employees work together, to deliver exceptional ideas and solutions to the world’s most complex challenges.

Applications for the Morgan Stanley 2022 Return to Work Program are now open. Find out more and how to apply below.

What is your current role?

I am an Associate in Morgan Stanley’s Technology division in London, where I’m a Product Owner within the End User Technology department. I am currently responsible for supporting the adoption and implementation of Agile & DevOps practices and principles, acting as a liaison between the product and stakeholders.

What attracted you to the Morgan Stanley Return to Work Program?

I started my career in 2012 as an IT Business Analyst for an IT Consulting firm in Nigeria, primarily supporting enterprise IT solutions and applications for clients. In 2017, I left the workforce as a Senior Business Analyst to start my family after making a move to London, which was important to me in the absence of having family nearby to help with childcare. While on my 4-year career break, I had my two children and completed a Master’s degree in Information Systems at Kingston University. I was keen to stay ahead of the ever-evolving technology trends, so I also completed a certification as an Agile Foundation Practitioner.

During lockdown and while staying home, I had a lightbulb moment and wanted to achieve more for myself (not to say that fulltime parenting is not a great choice, my career break was a busy and fulfilling experience), so I started to think about the next step in my career. I stumbled on the Morgan Stanley Return to Work Program while searching online and it looked like it could be a fit for me. When I received the offer, I was extremely excited to join and relaunch my career at Morgan Stanley.

What in your mind makes this program unique?

What makes the Morgan Stanley Return to Work Program unique is how well thought out it is. I was assigned a work buddy who was amazing and a Return to Work Alumni buddy who had been through the process in a previous year. My manager also was incredibly supportive and helped connect me to other previous career returners within the Technology division.

The onboarding experience was great – the training was well detailed and helped me early on to really understand Morgan Stanley’s vision as a business, the firm’s values and how these translate into the day-to-day working culture. We had a host of Return to Work coaching seminars with Women Returners which I found to be really insightful. I had frequent sessions with my manager to discuss how I was doing and openly discuss opportunities to learn and develop. Our discussions helped me to feel that I made valuable contributions to the team early on and I was able to apply my skills to achieve the goals that we set. Personally, and professionally, the Return to Work program provided the support I needed to confidently relaunch my career.

What skills did you gain through the program?

As a Product Owner, I had access to Agile Immersion Training, Product Owner and Scrum bootcamps which brought me up to speed. I also had access to learning resources such as LinkedIn Learning which helped bridge the knowledge gap I needed to perform my role.

I joined at a time where there was an ongoing firmwide Agile Transformation which provided a great learning opportunity. With that, I got exposure to the most recent market trends which added to my expertise in Agile, Scrum, Kanban and organizational change management.

In terms of support, I have also leveraged some of the firm’s employee networks to meet people with similar interests such as Women in Technology and the Family Network. The latter also provided me with a network of other parents who shared tips on how to cope with childcare and advice on working from home while home-schooling in lockdown. Another great benefit at Morgan Stanley, is that the firm also provides emergency childcare, which is a brilliant idea for days when there is no one to watch the children.

I made some brilliant connections with other colleagues who were part of the 2021 Return to Work cohort. The group were, and continue to be, a great support to each other, as we can share similar experiences and can always reach out to one another.

What did you find most rewarding about the program?

What I found most rewarding was the fact that there was a lot to learn. I am constantly surrounded by people with brilliant minds who are passionate about their jobs. For example, prior to the program I had never heard of using an agile roadmap tool called Roadmunk. Yet, by the end of the program I was able to support my Product Owner chapter in building roadmaps with the tool. It’s been great to establish new skills and put them into practice in a professional environment.

What advice would you give those thinking of relaunching their career?

My advice would be to go for it and keep an open mind. Be kind to yourself, stay confident and leverage as much support as you can. There are many transferrable skills from your career break that you can apply. I would also recommend networking as much as you can and maintain a positive outlook.

What is next for you and your career?

Twelve weeks later I was delighted to secure a fulltime role as a Product Owner in End User Technology department, by this point I had bridged the gap and settled into the rhythm of corporate life. I especially enjoy interacting with team members and various stakeholders across the firm. I love learning and every day presents a new opportunity to learn and grow. I am optimistic and look forward to a great future at Morgan Stanley.

Click here to learn more

Your Return to Tech with Tech Returners and BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Looking to return to work after a career break? Your Return to Tech programme is open for applications

Your Return to Tech with Tech Returners and BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Tech Returners is on a mission to close the diversity gap in tech and making returning to a career in software development accessible and free for everyone.

Do you or your network know anyone who has had a career break that would like to refresh their coding skills and secure a role with a forward-thinking company?

This September Tech Returners is running its ‘new and improved’ Your Return to Tech programme in partnership with BAE Systems Applied Intelligence and applications are now open.

Returners will receive 8 weeks of expert technical training covering Software Development Fundamentals and Back End Technologies, as well as career coaching and development to enable them to return to the industry and interview for a role with BAE Systems at the end of the programme.

Thanks to the sponsorship and support of BAE Systems, it’s free to take part.


Watch the introduction to Your Return to Tech below

BAE Systems 2021 logo

Discover more about BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, their values and their open roles


Tech Returners Launches in London

New Tech Returner Programme to launch in London

Tech Returners Launches in London

Tech Returners, an organisation focused on empowering careers back into technology, is bringing its successful returner programme to London starting in August. 

Tech Returners an organisation focused on empowering careers back into technology is bringing its successful returner programme to London starting in August 2020.

The programme called Your Return to Tech provides skilled tech professionals returning to industry accessible opportunities to refresh their skills and reignite their career but it doesn’t stop at learning and development, the organisation works closely with businesses who recognise the value of industry returners and who are passionate about creating diversity and inclusivity in their teams to provide an innovative tech talent solution.

The eight-week programme recognises the need from businesses growing their teams to bring tech talent to the market quickly and with the skills in place to hit the ground running in mid-senior level technical roles. The entirely remote learning experience boasts a curriculum which includes refreshing existing tech skills, front end frameworks ‘React’ (Hooks, Context, API) alongside Cloud technologies (AWS tooling), delivered alongside platform engineering skills such as infrastructure as code CI/CD and monitoring.

Uniquely the programme will connect with businesses looking to hire from the programme who will provide live briefs for our returners to work on throughout the 8 week period. Interested businesses can sponsor places on the course at a cost of just £4,500 per returner making it an affordable and competitive option versus traditional recruitment agency fees.

It’s a model which has proved successful in the North West of England, since 2017 the organisation has empowered more than 50 returners into mid-senior level technical careers with businesses like AutoTrader, Booking.com, Lloyds Banking Group, ANS and Infinity Works and has worked exclusively with the BBC in Manchester and London respectively, 88% of those returners were women.

The programme is open to anyone returning to a technical career or who have a technical qualification and who have taken a career break from tech for six years or less. Individuals interested in applying for the programme can learn more at https://www.techreturners.com/programmes/your-return-to-tech

Speaking about the programme CEO Beckie Taylor said, “We’ve seen some amazing returners come through our ranks as a result of our work in the North but we know there are so many more out there and with our remote learning model, location need no longer be a barrier to talent."

"Working with London based businesses was the next natural move for us, we know the returner market is there and we’re here to deliver the talent to forward-thinking businesses who are focused on diversity and  taking a fresh approach to tech talent”

Businesses interested in learning more about sponsoring the programme can do so here https://www.techreturners.com/sponsorship/your-return-to-tech and are also invited to sign up to join a free information event on Thursday 9th  July https://share.hsforms.com/1nDOXcLuyRo-ufJoPJbGOkw2g8p6

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Sky Returners Progamme | Leeds


We’re Sky, Europe’s biggest entertainment brand.

Think top-quality shows. Breaking news. Innovative tech. Must-have products. Careers here mean the freedom and support you need to make an impact – pushing boundaries, creating solutions, hitting targets. And as part of our close-knit team, you’ll enjoy plenty of benefits. Plus, experiences you’ll only find at Sky.

This is the first time we are running a Technology Returners Programme at Sky Leeds Dock. The programme is designed to support anyone who has previously worked as a Software Developer but have taken a career break (for any reason), and is wanting to get back into the industry. The programme will be paid from the start and is a permanent position. We will give the training and support you need to get your skills up to date and give you the confidence to get back to work.

The perks

Sky Q, a generous pension and private health care. Access to over 12,000 LinkedIn Learning courses to support your development. And if that’s not enough, our Leeds Dock campus offers a pool table, table tennis, discounted gym membership, endless local discounts, and much more. We are also happy to discuss flexible working.

To find out more about working with us, search #LifeatSky on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.

You will:

  • Attend a 4-week paid bootcamp on campus at Sky to upskill and train in TDD, BDD, Java, writing clean code, ReactJS to help build upon your skills and build your confidence.
  • Work on a project alongside other technical returner.
  • After 2 months of training you will move into delivery teams at Sky Leeds dock and take on a technical role on projects to deliver unified solutions.
  • Be involved as necessary with the planning, design, development, enhancement and implementation of solutions.
  • Develop and maintain Sky’s website and apps which are used by millions of customers daily.
  • Used TDD to deliver enterprise-quality code.
  • Work in an agile team and contribute to agile practices.
  • Receive ongoing support to ensure you feel integrated back into the workplace after your career break.

You’ll have:

  • Software development experience in industry at a mid level.
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities; able to learn and apply new technical knowledge quickly.
  • Excellent communication skills, and able to relate to all levels of the company.
  • Understanding of sound software lifecycle methodologies and/or agile delivery.
  • Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced and progressive environment.
  • Have a passion for software excellence, delivering code of the highest quality, and a willingness to learn new languages and practices.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply now for a chance to forge your own career path and be brilliant as part of a bright, talented team.

Just so you know: if your application is successful, we’ll ask you to complete a criminal record check. And depending on the role you have applied for and the nature of any convictions, we might withdraw the offer.

We’re happy to discuss flexible working.

It’s our people that make Sky Europe’s leading entertainment company. That’s why we work hard to be an inclusive employer, so everyone at Sky can be their best.

A job you love to talk about.