Scotland women in technology

Scotland Women in Technology (SWiT)

Scotland women in technology

Scotland Women in Technology (SWiT), exists to Champion, Celebrate, and Invest in women in the technology sector in Scotland.

Founded in 2008, SWiT is a not-for-profit organisation with a drive to put gender equality at the forefront of the technology industry in Scotland.  SWiT is run by a board of committed volunteers who have the vision and alignment to promote and champion gender equality at the heart of our proposition.

Champion & Celebrate

Championing diversity and gender equality in the technology sector, both now and for future generations, is a key priority for SWiT.  We want to help shine a spotlight on some of Scotland’s most inspirational female technology leaders and encourage more young women to pursue a career in technology and innovation.


SWiT believe our multifaceted approach of investment - through; working with schools to encourage our young people to consider a career in the technology industry, Celebrating the women who are at the forefront of the industry and lastly, through enabling and empowering those who are figuring out their next steps small grants for training and development.

At SWiT, we are dedicated to making sure innovation is led by women too, and that the key benefits from their talents and ambitions are considered and heard.

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Scotland Women in Technology

Scotland Women in Technology (SWiT) is a non-profit organisation which exists to CELEBRATE, CHAMPION and INVEST in trailblazers across the technology industry. Run by passionate volunteers challenging the status quo, now in its 10th year, SWiT continues to establish a vast network of followers by building on the momentum created by our inaugural SWIT Awards in 2017.

SWiT host educational and general networking events across Scotland focusing on offereing leadership skills, technical acumen and mentoring.

Following the awards SWIT created the role model roadshow, it showcases woment technology role models at secondary schools (11 - 17). The roadshow consists of career talks showcasing the role modesl from the awards encouraging active participation through fun exercises and Q&A.

Our strength is in our partnership and our ability to connect organisations and other networks together to drive significant change for tech industry in Scotland.