Sheetal Bakshi

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Sheetal Bakshi

Passionate about advances in Fintech, AI, Cloud and Blockchain!

In 2010, I started my career in Financial Services, working for Citigroup where I specialised in learning about how some of the most complex systems within the banking world were constantly evolving.

I learnt about new advancements in technology, improving applications and leveraging cutting-edge technology to make existing systems more robust. By 2012, I wanted to bring in a change as to how these systems operate and I moved from a developer profile onto working with the stakeholders in making financial systems sturdy by redefining the existing architecture and building new ones.

In 2015, I came across the term “Fintech” and this changed my life. I encountered new concepts including how AI, Blockchain and Cloud were going to be the key disruptors in the technology space.

From 2017, after teaching myself, by attending seminars and reading countless books and articles on the subject, I started to impart my knowledge on Blockchain into my firm. However, I wanted to explore the global applications of Fintech, so I quit my job and left my home country to enrol at Alliance Manchester Business School to study for an MBA (focussing on digital transformation & consulting). Aside from my studies, I regularly started visiting universities and organisations as a Blockchain speaker. In 2019, I joined a non-profit in the UK – The Government Blockchain Association -where I worked with City Councils to find technology opportunities that could increase their efficiency.

I also started organising/partnering in global Blockchain events and collaborating with firms and universities in the UK. I attended multiple events and started networking with individuals who were equally passionate about technology transformation. The significant events I attended were; – Web Summit 2019-Portugal, London Tech week -2019-London, Global SME forum 2019-Amsterdam, Blockchain Live –London (as a partner for the event).

I also implemented AI use-cases for two different firms last year. I am currently a part of the Analytics and Cognitive unit of Deloitte where I can use my skills to help organisations to improve their systems and or implement new ones.