Susan Morrow

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Susan Morrow

My first career was as an analytical chemist working in industry. I also briefly taught chemistry at secondary school level.

However, I have worked for over 20 years in the cybersecurity and digital identity space. I have been involved in two start-ups in that time; the first company specialised in information security. I helped to establish my current company, Avoco Secure (identity data specialists) and currently hold the position of Head of R&D. I help to design widely adopted consumer identity solutions and I was recently heavily involved in two UK government citizen ID projects.

My core areas of domain knowledge include the application of technology to consumer-orientated, mass adopted identity services, usability, accessibility, and data privacy. My mantra is to make sure that human beings control technology not the other way around.

I also write prolifically on identity and security topics, including writing analyst reports on the industry.

I have a regular column on identity and security at CSOOnline:

And at Infosec Institute: