Sylvia Wen | Capco

Coming from an Accounting and Finance background I have always been interested in technology data, but never had the opportunity to learn about the role that data plays in the financial services industry.

A year ago, I started my career at Capco as an Associate Data Consultant, and as a woman in the Data Practice my journey has been thoroughly enjoyable so far. The diverse set of interesting projects and training offered by the company has allowed me to gain invaluable exposure to digital transformation in the rapidly changing financial world. My daily work includes dealing with data from a tier one bank, and building a digital transformation dashboard for the bank – which closely relates to all our everyday lives – makes me feel really connected to and part of today’s new world of digital finance. The world is now driven by new technologies and Data has such a critical role to play in the evolution of the financial industry, adding real value to a broad range of businesses. From my experience as a young professional in technology world, I wanted to let all like-minded young women know that- there is no barrier to pursue a job in data or technology and – like myself – be empowered to pursue their interests.