Laura Price

Laura Price | O2/Telefonica

Laura Price

I joined O2 in 2012 and found an incredible passion for technology and love of teaching our customers.

Beforehand I was a fresh graduate from university in an unrelated degree to anything tech related but I was eager to get stuck into a new project. After a year as a Sales Advisor I moved into the Guru role which is completely specialist. In this role I educate our customers on a one to one basis on how they can utilise tech in their everyday lives: by sharing how to keep themselves safe, comfortable and connected with their friends, their family and the larger online world. I also assist with overcoming technical challenges. This role allows me to support people from all walks of life, from the most tech savvy, to those with assisted needs.

My favourite part of the role is getting people from all age generations passionate about technology. I feel our charity partnership with the NSPCC is a fantastic aid to get kids involved and assist them with their independence. It’s almost addictive seeing how it makes people feel and the impact it has on them personally.

Claire Venners

Claire Venners | Telefonica UK

Claire Venners

So it may sound strange, but I decided at a very young age that I wanted to be something called an ‘Engineer’, inspired by two important role models in my life, my Dad and Granddad.

My first step into a career within technology was when I secured a much sought after apprenticeship at Fujitsu Microelectronics specialising in Electrical Engineering. Due to consistent high performance I secured a University sponsorship resulting in a BEng (Hons) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and eventually achieving a career ambition of becoming a Chartered Engineer.

I have worked in a number of industries but found my true passion in the challenging and ever-changing world of Telecommunications. Excelling in the technical Network area within Telefonica, where I have progressed from being a hands on designer to playing a pivotal role delivering cutting edge solutions to enable key business goals; including network sharing, and the 2012 Olympics with ownership of multi million pound budgets.

I have led a large technical team charged with improving customer experience across the UK’s most challenging cityscape for mobile communications. Delivering an ecosystem of capability, by realising the opportunities using complex mobile and Wi-Fi solutions securing external recognition of achieving key customer performance metrics.

In 2018 I challenged myself, accepting a leadership role to steer the future strategy and capability of O2’s Service Management department and I am currently leading on two key transformation programmes.

From the age of 16 my career, has until the last two years, been in a male dominated environment, although I have never felt that this has held me back in anyway, there have been challenges that I have had to overcome. This has made me the strong woman I am today and made me even more driven and passionate about advocating a career in technology for women.

Eva Slattery

Eva Slattery | Telefonica

Eva Slattery

I started my 3rd level education with an Honours degree in Chemistry which is quite a journey form where I am today.

Following my degree, I started a Chemistry PhD but I found that I was enjoying my part time job in an office more where I was creating some simple databases. I made the difficult decision then to switch into the technology area where I was starting to develop much more interest. I did a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science which was a really tough year basically covering a 3 year degree course in a year. My first job was as a technical trainer for Ericsson Ireland and really has been the foundation of my career to date. I was travelling the world on behalf of Ericsson visiting their clients teaching the technical courses on the Ericsson platforms and this was really where I learned the core of telecommunications as well as customer facing interaction which has stood to me since.

After Ericsson I moved to Vodafone Ireland which started my 11-year career in Vodafone across 3 countries. In Vodafone Ireland I was leading certain workstreams on their core network transformation and this is where I really learned how the platforms work on the ground as opposed to just the textbook side I have been teaching before. After 3.5 years and the completion of the transformation programme I was looking for a new challenge. Vodafone were looking for strong individuals to go on a short 2-month secondment to Vodafone Ghana which turned into another 3.5-year programme for me. This was an amazing experience both professionally and personally. I led the prepaid platform replacement programme there, followed by a switch into IT leading all the architecture and delivery teams for the IT transformation portfolio.

After Vodafone Ghana I moved to Vodafone UK to be part of their large multi-million business transformation programmes. There I led all the customer migrations over 3 years which was a huge complex technical programme with many challenges but a great education for me.

In 2016 I moved from Vodafone to a slightly different industry of Satellite communications to Inmarsat based in London. I was leading the full billing transformation for them to rationalise and simplify the billing estate. In addition to this programme I also took on part way through my time there the Service Delivery programme which was simplifying the order management and provisioning systems for Inmarsat. I am very proud to say we concluded out mission on both these programmes and finished the migrations on my last day in my role at Inmarsat.

I joined Telefonica UK in May 2020 as Head of Transformation Delivery. Here I am leading all of the technical delivery teams across multiple IT and networks disciplines on a large multi-million poin programme. I am really enjoying the new role and albeit challenging lots of more new things to learn!

Alyson Edmunds

Alyson Edmunds | Telefonica

When I left school in a small town in Wales there wasn’t any real career advice or (sadly) any expectations of me having a successful career and certainly not in technology. I made my 1st move into technology when I was passed a mobile phone with a black and white screen connecting to WAP (wireless access protocol or sometimes called Wait and Pay by the public sic). I remember exactly where I was and the 1st pages I downloaded and I thought “wow, this is my future”

For me, that was the catalyst of change. From that point on I edged my way into what was - and still is a very male dominated industry to become the only female Mobility Solution Architect in the UK cellular industry. I was determined to make a career for myself in this new and exciting world of mobile technology.

My skill has always been to turn technical content into non-technical speak so everyone can understand it and see the value it delivers. I live by the mantra of ‘if I can understand it and feel passionate about technology, anyone can” My current role is to deliver ‘art of the possible’ sessions to business customers to understand the problem they want to solve and work with them to understand how technology has an important part to play in delivering business benefit and customer outcomes for everyone. Technology brings people together and changes lives, it has certainly changed mine.