Rajeka Rajakulasingham

Rajeka Rajakulasingham | The Royal Bank of Scotland

Rajeka Rajakulasingham

Rajeka has progressed rapidly over the last 5 years within the bank, starting her career in branch banking, providing customers exceptional face to face customer service.

Her customer segments branched from personal to business and corporate customers. After 2 years in the front-line industry Rajeka pursued a career change that allowed her to enter the tech industry.

A key part of Rajeka’s success was her ability to join the Digital customer support team and work on the Artificial Intelligence programme. At the time where including herself only two members of staff managed the AI proposition, she quickly adapted, self-taught and within weeks was able to build conversational AI for the customer facing chatbot.

Rajeka has supported the launched of an AI product from inception and continues to present where the chatbot has expanded from supporting 1,407 chats a month to approx. 16,000 today. Within 12 months Rajeka was appointed as n Artificial Intelligence Associate Journey manger and continues to drive the AI project with a larger team.

Due to her successes Rajeka has been appointed onto the Chartered Bankers membership forum providing a digital perspective to the organisation’s strategy, she is seen as the advocate of AI within the organisation and continues to provide insight.

As an individual, Rajeka is a motivated and driven who continues to challenge herself and enhance her knowledge. She thoroughly believes in continuously educating herself and gaining qualifications that will enable her to take her next career step.