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Generation Success

At Generation Success, we are working to ensure that a person’s career is not determined by their birth, partnering our network with career opportunities.

We continue to grow our Dream Hunter network of 10,000 beneficiaries, providing them with unique training and mentorship to set them up for success in their future careers and partnering them with businesses who can support their personal development and meet their aspirations.

There are many ways you can get involved with Generation Success, from providing your time as a volunteer at one of our Power Series talks, become a mentor, provide sponsorship to enable us to train a cohort of graduates or integrating our trailblazing Career Accelerator Programme into your recruitment model.

Everything we do here is with our graduates at the heart to help them develop and evolve their career. We also provide bespoke early careers  recruitment services and D&I consultancy for your business through our commercial arm, which allows us in turn to support even more students through our specialised training.

Level Up Summit 2022

Don’t miss our Level Up Summit on 06 December, where we’re tackling the barriers for women in tech head on. Join us for keynotes, panels, Q&A’s & breakout sessions on finance, people management, negotiation, influencing skills, confidence building, building internal networks, maximising the power of mentorship, and much more. 


School of Code Bootcamp

Applications are now open for the School of Code’s FREE Skills Bootcamp in Software Development!

School of Code Bootcamp

The School of Code are giving people interested in learning full-stack web development the opportunity to apply for a FREE intensive online coding course.

The School of Code Bootcamp is a free, 16 week, online intensive web development course open to applicants of all backgrounds. The School of Code is on a mission to help give everyone a route into technology, and teach them the skills they need to leap into the industry.

Who can apply?

Anyone over 19 years old, living in England can apply. No qualifications or previous experience required. You don’t even need to have seen a line of code before! All you need is the desire to learn and a love of problem solving.

What will I learn?

By the end of the course, you will be specialised in full-stack JavaScript development. You will be fully trained in the industry best practices and standards and have learned the fundamentals of programming and how to work in a high performance tech team.

Will they help me get a job?

The School of Code will help you to get a foothold in the tech industry as not only is the course free, but they are also committed to helping place you into jobs – they bring the companies to you!

On top of creating software to solve real-world problems, you’ll receive training to be confident and job-ready.

Apply now!

The course is full-time, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, for 16 weeks.


Build your cyber security skills with Raytheon UK’s Cyber Academy

Raytheon UK Cyber Academy

Raytheon UK, in partnership with the University of Texas, is once again offering students the chance to increase their cyber security skills by participating in the Cyber Academy.

The Raytheon UK Cyber Academy consists of a series of educational workshops that will give students hands-on experience with cybersecurity techniques and methods to identify and address network vulnerabilities.

For two hours a week, over the course of five weeks, students will be taught by instructors from the Centre for Infrastructure Assurance and Security at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Workshop modules will cover a range of different topics, from intrusion detection and malware removal to incident response and securing web applications.  Students that complete the workshops will be invited to a “meet and greet” with recruiters from Raytheon UK to hear more about what it is like to work in the cyber security sector.

There are no costs associated for the participants and the modules will be taught remotely, so all you need is access to a laptop. Spaces at the Cyber Academy are limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

To register your place, please contact us below with details of whether you’d like to attend the introduction, intermediate or advanced classes.

Raytheon UK logo

Woman wearing a virtual reality headset, Women in RPA Initiative 1

Are you a woman aspiring to pursue a career in tech? Join the Women in RPA Initiative

Woman wearing a virtual reality headset, Women in RPA Initiative

Are you a woman aspiring to pursue a career in tech?  The Women in RPA Initiative might be for you!

The 2020 1 million Women In RPA Initiative is a skills development program which aims to train and up-skill one million women in Robotics Process Automation by 31st December 2020. Yes, we know it sounds impossible, that's why we are doing it.

Despite decades of progress towards achieving equality in the workplace, women remain significantly under-represented in emerging tech. The imbalance between men and women in the technology sector is unlikely to be remedied unless organizations, schools and universities work together to change entrenched perceptions about the tech industry, and also educate young people about the dynamics and range of careers in the technology world.​

Women currently hold 19 per cent of tech-related jobs at the top ten global tech companies, relative to men who hold 81 per cent. In leadership positions at these global tech giants, women make up 28 per cent, with men representing 72 per cent.

RPA Nuggets want to change this!

Inspired by Blue Prism, RPA Nuggets takes the baton to empower women and other underrepresented groups to take risks and realize their full potential in the workplace, particularly in emerging technologies.


  • Must be female or identify as female
  • Must be 18+
  • Must have access to uninterrupted WIFI and a laptop/PC
  • Must be computer literate, please note this programme does not teach basic computer literacy skills
  • Must be able to commit 4 weeks, 2hrs a day without absence, starting 6th July 2020 (times TBA)
  • Open to all countries and nationalities worldwide
  • Must understand English (NO EXCEPTIONS). Strictly, medium of presentation is English
  • Pay a non-refundable enrollment fee of $15 (excl VAT)

Program Details

  • Introduction to Robotics Process Automation using Blue Prism
  • Introduction to Connected RPA (Cloud, AI/RPA in Business)
  • Advanced Blue Prism Automation techniques
  • Learning material included
  • Practical based learning approach using real world simulation projects and case studies
  • Best Practice Automation methodologies
  • RPA professional skills and career development
  • RPA virtual career expo
  • Accreditation exam preparation
  • Networking with RPA experts ​
  • Closing date - ongoing


RPA Nuggets, Women in RPA Initiative

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women only cyber security course

Women-only cyber security course aims to tackle startling inequality

women only cyber security course

British cyber security experts have created the ‘Academy of Cyber Security’ with the intention of re-training women

It’s 2001. Lorna Armitage, a fledgling IT professional, is about to sit her exam in cyber security. Upon entering the exam hall, she finds herself the only woman in attendance, surrounded by over 200 men.

Fast forward to 2019 and Lorna, now a cyber security expert working on behalf of the UK government, enters London Olympia to attend the ‘InfoSec UK’ conference. It’s a packed event, and as she navigates her way through the crowds, she has a moment of realisation.

Cyber security still has a problem… a major problem. At this event, 90 per cent of delegates were male. The facts are, only ten per cent of UK cyber professionals are female, and the severity of this ratio increases when senior positions or deeply technical roles are isolated.

Following this moment of realisation, Lorna and several colleagues wanted to take a radical approach to solving this imbalance, which has persisted since the turn of the Millennium.

In September 2019, the Academy of Cyber Security was incorporated and the founding team of nine agreed that a women-only re-training course would be a priority.

Speaking about the course, Lorna said, "Alongside the clear problem of gender inequality, cyber in general has an urgent skills shortage."

"In the UK, we’re missing around 100,000 professionals and as a result, cybercrime is costing the British economy £27 Billion per year."

"It’s a problem of national security.”

"We’re seeing amazing initiatives at the early stage of education, but a clear lack of initiatives which target the current UK workforce and underrepresented demographics, such as women."

"Women who might be facing redundancy, returning to work, or those who simply want to change their career."

"These demographics can significantly contribute to the cyber security skills shortage.”

Interest in the Academy of Cyber Security has been exceptionally high, but even with dedicated marketing campaigns aimed at women, 80 per cent of applicants have still been male.

“We’ve seen a lot of push back against women-only initiatives."

"We see current industry leaders calling them ‘exclusionary’ and saying, “we just need more people”. If we don’t do anything, then more people just equals more men."

"Something must be done.”

“It’s paramount we normalise the cyber career path for women."

"We need more role models, and if we can unlock this demographic, then it will go a long way to solving the UKs cyber skills gap”.

The Academy of Cyber Security is 16-week re-training programme with the inaugural women-only cohort kicking off in Spring 2020. Applications are now open for aspiring women.

To find out more about the Academy of Cyber Security’s women-only initiatives, or to apply, you can go to:

CompTIA brings Dream IT programme to UK to inspire girls and create role models

IT trade association CompTIA has brought its Dream IT initiative to UK shores, to create female role models within the tech industry and to promote careers in IT.

The not-for-profit launched the Dream IT programme in the US last year, offering free online resources to inspire young girls to take up careers in tech or to encourage women to switch careers or re-enter the job market. CompTIA claims the US programme is on track to reach 10,000 people this year.Professional-Woman-Careers-400x400

The programme provides ready-to-use presentations and seminars, along with resources for young women to learn about the opportunities a career in IT can offer. The materials are designed to equip role models with the tools needed to present within schools, colleges, universities and careers fares. Articles are included which demonstrate what a career in IT is like and what skills are needed to get started.

Speaking to WeAreTheCity at CompTIA’s recent EMEA Conference in London, Nancy Hammervik, Senior Vice President, Industry Relations at CompTIA, said: "Women are 51% of the population and 60% of graduates are females overall. We are doing the IT industry a great dis-service if we don’t encourage more women to join. Women have been known to be more creative, better leaders and are the primary household buyers – they should share a perspective on products before they go to market.”

"Unfortunately only 9% of girls say they have considered a career in IT, so we have a responsibility as an industry to share what roles in IT look like. You have to interface with technology in every industry, whether it’s fashion, medicine, if you run a restaurant or you’re a coder. We need to take away the fear to ensure tech isn’t seen as a chore."

“The other side of this is that we want the women who are already here to feel good about themselves, empowered and to be able to share that. It’s not just about the women – about 30% of our male members are now on the roster to support with women in IT initiatives.”

She added: “There is an appreciation and frustration from women in the industry who want to give back. They appreciate that they are not in an industry where they are going to be replaced or downgraded and they have a sense of frustration that not many know how great a career in IT can be.”

Estelle Johannes, Director, Member Communities UK at CompTIA, said: “We follow where the need is and we’ve been localising the presentations and the video to ensure it engages the right people. Before the launch there was already a group in the UK who expressed their interested in launching the programme over here.”

“The materials aim to show that there is a place in IT for everybody.”

Cathy Alper, Director, Member Communities US, CompTIA, said: “Ensuring that more women enter the IT industry is hugely important for diversity and helping address the industry-wide skills gap. Women are actually well suited for a career in IT, which requires all sorts of skills, not just programming. Women bring leadership and interpersonal skills, which are a benefit to the IT workplace. In fact last year, we found that 73% of female IT professionals believe that their jobs make good use of their skills.

“We’ve been working closely with our UK member community over the past year to develop these new materials that will help ensure that women and girls hear about the opportunities and benefits of a career in IT.”