PLAYBACK: Making the most of cloud technologies in a multi-cloud era with Stephen Gilderdale

Making The Most Of Cloud Technologies In A Multi-Cloud Era

The cloud revolution is real, and it’s great to see that more organisations are seeing the value in multi-cloud IT environments, but are businesses truly maximising its benefits?

The latest research on cloud technologies commissioned by Dell Technologies suggests the majority are not. That’s despite the fact that the number of enterprises leveraging public cloud services has more than tripled since 2011. Uncovering today’s cloud challenges and reaping the rewards of multi-cloud environments is essential for success – so, what’s holding them back?


Stephen GilderdaleAbout Stephen

Stephen is a Senior Director for the UK Presales organisation at Dell Technologies, leading a team of highly passionate technologists who are helping customers realise digital transformation. Stephen is deeply engaged in supporting customers exploit their data assets to drive exciting opportunities that Artificial Indigence, Machine Learning, 5G Networks, and Edge computing promise - while ensuring we meet our ambitious corporate social responsibility objectives.  


Margarete McGrath

Inspirational Woman: Margarete McGrath | Chief Digital Officer, Dell Technologies

Margarete McGrathMargarete McGrath is the Chief Digital Officer for Dell Technologies for the UK. 

Previous to that, Margarete worked as a Management Consultant where she worked for EY and PwC leading complex change programmes. She previously worked for PwC in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and more recently in Ireland. Margarete  supported many public and private sector clients with their business transformations.  

Alongside this, Margarete  previously ran two successful start up’s focusing on sharing models in food sustainability and building social networks while in New Zealand. 

Today, Margarete  works with a diverse group of Dell Technologies clients to support them with their digital and security transformations. Dell Technologies provides a wide range of solutions ranging from edge computing delivering smart solutions to advanced analytics to drive enhanced and secure customer experiences and new business model opportunities for leading financial institutions.  

Dell Technologies is continuing to invest and innovate in research and development across its seven technology businesses which enables Dell Technologies to partner with leading global clients to support them automate, modernise and transform their business models. 

Margarete is a champion of diversity in digital and a strong advocate of STEM. She is big believer in female entrepreneurship and green technology. Margarete is an advocate of Mental Health and Wellbeing in Dell. 

Margarete is also one of our speakers at our upcoming virtual tech conference, Disrupt. Innovate. Lead. on 26 June. This unique learning experience is aimed at individuals working in technology who would like broaden their industry knowledge, learn new skills and benefit from the thought leadership of some of the brightest minds in the tech industry.

Tell us a bit about yourself, background and your current role

I am the Chief Digital Officer for Dell Technologies in the UK. Prior to that, I worked as a management consultant with EY and PwC for many years driving large scale change programmes, many of which had a strong connection with technology. My current role is diverse with a focus on both internal and external change to drive digital adoption. I am big supporter of internal people focussed change initiatives such as reverse mentoring, mental health awareness and building collaborative networks with our clients.

A big part of my role today is focused on driving greater digital transformation and adoption of new ways of working particularly considering this pandemic. We are focused on supporting our clients with how they return to work safely and how we help businesses reimagine their business models to leverage existing and new technologies and platforms to drive value.

Did you ever sit down and plan your career?

To an extent I did have a plan or at least an idea of a plan. I really enjoyed working on big transformation programmes for global business while I was in the advisory world. That provided me with some insight into the power of technology and the value it can unlock for organisations with the right business readiness and change management support. Since then, I was drawn to a move into technology as I wanted to learn more about how it can really accelerate growth.
Michael Dell is an impressive entrepreneur and inspirational leader and so when the opportunity presented itself to work full time in technology, I made the change. In summary to answer the question, I always had an idea that technology would be part of my career journey and it hasn’t disappointed yet.

Have you faced any career challenges along the way and how did you overcome these?

Yes, I think that’s where most of my learning comes from. I think the challenges and set backs we have are often the biggest teachers for us. I have had lots of setbacks from change programmes falling over at the eleventh hour, to unions refusing to adopt new protocols and embrace digital devices to drive efficiency after considerable rounds of consultation and agreements to integration project not meshing together as planned. Some of these challenges have been disappointing and frustrating at the time but I know in hindsight, there have been lessons to learn from each of these experiences. You have to take the positives from each situation, I really believe that there is learning to be had from everything.

What has been your biggest career achievement to date?

I think many of the achievements have been personal where I have delivered a large result for a client or I have seen an organisation make a large shift in behaviours to drive and spin up a new business model.

Some of the most memorable achievements are the small wins where I know that I have shifted my perspective on something in a considerable way. One small example is the move I made from an Advisory Partnership focussed on long term value creation to a US quarterly driven technology organisation. A technology company that is looking to drive quarterly sales but also develop long term value driven transformational solutions. This was a significant shift for me, one that I really feel I have gained hugely from a learning perspective. I remember feeling that it was a bit of a leap of faith at the time.

What one thing do you believe has been a major factor in you achieving success?

I have always had great mentors and sponsors throughout my career, both at PwC and beyond. These relationships have been invaluable to me and I draw upon them regularly to seek their guidance and wisdom. I think the other factor is that quest for learning and curiousity, I have always believed that we are always learning and developing so being open minded has really helped me throughout my journey so far.

What top tips would you give to an individual who is trying to excel in their career in technology?

Firstly, I think the first thing is to believe in yourself and your value. Self-worth and self-belief go a long way when you are facing a shift or a change in career.

There are lots of pathways into technology firms whether it is through technology sales, business operations, engineering, marketing, eco system ventures etc... I think if you can identify the companies that your values align to and see what opportunities they may have available, that’s a start. Right now, there is a hold on recruitment across the technology and innovation space, but this is short term and things will reopen so my guidance would be to use this time well. Figure out what you want to do in technology, research and short list the technology firms that resonate with you and start to build your network. If you are entrepreneurial minded, you may want to consider setting up your own start up, there are lots of platforms and support mechanisms available to encourage early stage start ups with bright ideas get off the ground.

Do you believe there are still barriers for success for women working in tech, if so, how can these barriers be overcome?

I think things have come along way in the past few years, but we can do better across all parts of technology. We still do not have enough STEM graduates and young girls looking at STEM courses in school and university. At a board level, female representation is still under represented despite the great efforts by Helena Morrissey in the 30% club. I think we have a long way to go in the Venture Capital space particularly around tech and innovation and it is disappointing to see the slow pace of change in terms of diversity and inclusion. I think the barriers stem from are a mix of people reverting back to old ways because that’s what they have always had and a lack of courage to invest, nurture and grow both internal and external talent in STEM roles.

In summary, I think we have a lot more to do. However, I am hopeful as we have many more senior female and male champions flying the flag for young women in technology. It’s a start but much work needs to be done to get this more balanced across all capability areas in the technology sector.

What do you think companies can do to support to progress the careers of women working in technology?

I think there are several ways to support the growth of women in technology and there is no single bullet. I think much of the progress can be traced to a few key mechanisms:

Commitment from senior male and females leaders in the industry to get more women and great ethnic groups in technology roles. We also need to recognise that it’s not okay to have all male executive teams. This also goes for all male panels at conferences. There needs to be wider recognition at senior levels that diverse organisations drive better financial performance, and this is not just relating to females. We need greater diversity of thought all round and greater BAME representation to bring the best thinking to the table to create the right technology solutions for everyone.

Other mechanisms include schools outreach programmes and reaching out to young girls to encourage them to take an interest in STEAM subjects from an early age. Another mechanism is to focus on returnships and attracting mums who have been out of the workforce for a while to come join us and support them with retraining and development programmes in technology and coding.

Lastly, the importance of role models cannot be underestimated. We really need more female figures at the top table actively supporting young women to follow careers in STEAM. Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook, Karen Quintos from Dell Technologies, Susan Wojcicki from UTube, Angela Ahrendts from Apple. More locally Sue Black from Tech Mums, Emer Coleman, Parul Green from AXA, Jane Duncan and Fiona Capstick from EY, Jayne Ann Gahdia in Salesforce are all strong role models, we need some many more to drive this sea change.

There is currently only 17 per cent of women working in tech, if you could wave a magic wand, what is the one thing you would do to accelerate the pace of change for women in the industry?

Greater focus at schools and less unconscious bias to encourage young girls to reach for their stars and set their sights on anything that want to. I think we are still conditioned to think in one way and follow certain career paths. Giving people the permission to think bigger and to broaden their perspectives from an early age by exposing them to new things whether its computer coding, access to new technologies, learning new languages, a greater focus on sustainability etc... In many countries, around the world, women are still very much considered to be secondary citizens. I think we have some amazing young talent coming through in the UK who are not shy, this brings us hope for the future.

What resources do you recommend for women working in tech, eg Podcasts, networking events, books, conferences, websites etc?

There are some many resources out there now, its hard to list them all off. I think We are the City has done an impressive job making webinars and digital assets available to some many. I would strongly encourage women to get on social and really start to engage and listen to some of the live discussions underway on many tech podcasts, LinkedIn, Instagram, twitter, whatever platforms works on technology for good, ethics in technology, new innovations to solve today’s challenges using tech, green tech, med tech and many others. There are so many insightful conversations that are live on technology right now so get involved and find the ones, that interest you.

Lastly, I wanted to finish with a quote that my dear friend and mentor, Emer Coleman gave to me many years ago, Emer encouraged me to make the leap into the technology world. “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women” – by Madeline Albright. We all need to support each other right now and I have been lucky to have some great female mentors and I hope I can encourage some young talent to be bold and make the move to a career in technology.

Augmented workingMargarete is hosting a WeAreVirtual webinar on 24 June, discussing the future of work with guest speaker, Mona Bitar.

This conversation will explore some of the emerging workplace trends and how workplaces are being reset for a new reality. You can join us for what will be an engaging discussion on the workplace reality, one that is unlikely to revert to old patterns but presents an opportunity to reshape workplaces as we know them.

Find out more and register here







Making Sustainable Technology Choices - 800x600

PLAYBACK: WeAreVirtual: Understanding and Acquiring Sustainable IT Solutions with Brittani Bobowick

Making Sustainable Technology Choices - 1

As digital technologies become the driving engine and key differentiator for progress in business and society, it is important now more than ever that companies consider the sustainability impact across the lifecycle of the IT solutions they look to acquire.

While governments and businesses alike place an increased focus in how and with whom they conduct business, based upon CSR agendas and carbon footprint related criteria, there are several critical factors to consider in sustainable IT; inclusive of product design and manufacturing, overall energy efficiency, through to end-of-life recyclability & reusability.

This webinar will explore the importance of each of these components as they relate to making sustainable technology choices. We will share best practices on what to consider when assessing and selecting technology solutions, with a mindful eye on how this aligns to and affects your companies sustainability goals.


Brittani BobowickAbout Brittani

Brittani Bobowick leads the activation of Dell Technologies’ Corporate Social Responsibility agenda across the Europe, Middle Eastern and African markets. Utilising the breadth of Dell’s sustainability strategy, Brittani works closely in partnership with many of our leading customers to identify and implement key alignment opportunities across their CSR agenda’s. These collaborations drive greater social impact outcomes for society, building and leveraging on our goal to drive human progress.

Brittani joined Dell Technologies in 2010 as a sales associate based in Boston, Massachusetts, responsible for client relationships across New England. Subsequently, she has served in various channel enablement and customer advocacy roles, where she focused on assessing and improving the Dell Technologies customer experience. Brittani holds a BS in Advertising and Business from the University of Texas in Austin.




15/07/20: WeAreVirtual: Making the most of cloud technologies in a multi-cloud era with Stephen Gilderdale

Making The Most Of Cloud Technologies In A Multi-Cloud Era

The cloud revolution is real, and it’s great to see that more organisations are seeing the value in multi-cloud IT environments, but are businesses truly maximising its benefits?

The latest research commissioned by Dell Technologies suggests the majority are not. That’s despite the fact that the number of enterprises leveraging public cloud services has more than tripled since 2011. Uncovering today’s cloud challenges and reaping the rewards of multi-cloud environments is essential for success – so, what’s holding them back?

Register here

Stephen GilderdaleAbout Stephen

Stephen is a Senior Director for the UK Presales organisation at Dell Technologies, leading a team of highly passionate technologists who are helping customers realise digital transformation. Stephen is deeply engaged in supporting customers exploit their data assets to drive exciting opportunities that Artificial Indigence, Machine Learning, 5G Networks, and Edge computing promise - while ensuring we meet our ambitious corporate social responsibility objectives.  


WeAreVirtual - Rafe Pilling - Webinar

PLAYBACK: WeAreVirtual: Understanding, preparing for and mitigating cyber threats with Rafe Pilling & Marcelle Lee

WeAreVirtual - Rafe Pilling - Webinar

Sadly, COVID-19 themed campaigns to conduct phishing attacks and deliver malware are being executed by hostile state actors and opportunistic cybercriminals alike.

The Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ have observed criminal actors making cynical use of the current crisis to promote misinformation and products with intent to harm organisations and individuals. However, by following good cybersecurity hygiene best practices, organisations can protect themselves and their employees against these attacks.



Rafe PillingAbout Rafe

Rafe is a Sr. Security Researcher working in the SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU), Cyber Intelligence Cell. Rafe performs focused cyber threat intelligence research, delivering technical analysis for both targeted and commodity cyber threats. Rafe has an interest in studying cyber attacks from hostile state actors and emerging offensive cyber capabilities against Industrial Control Systems.

With over 13 years active experience in the cyber security industry, Rafe is recognised as a subject matter expert in the field and regularly asked to advise C-suite executives, comment on emerging cyber security news stories, speak at industry events and provide guest lectures to Academia.

Rafe holds a BSc(Hons) Computer Science and Management Science from the University of Edinburgh and PgDip(Merit) Advanced Networking and Web Technologies from Edinburgh Napier University.

Marcelle LeeAbout Marcelle

Marcelle Lee is a Senior Security Researcher in the SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU), Cyber Intelligence Cell, and is the lead for emerging threats research. She specializes in network traffic analysis, malware analysis, and threat intelligence, and is an adjunct professor in digital forensics and network security. She is involved with many industry organizations, working groups, and boards, including the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, the NIST Cyber Competitions Working Group, and the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland Advisory Council.

Marcelle has earned the CISSP, CSX-P, GCFA, GCIA, GCIH, GPEN, GISF, GSEC, GCCC, C|EH, CCNA, PenTest+, Security+, Network+, and ACE industry certifications.  She holds four degrees, including a master’s degree in cybersecurity. She has received the Chesapeake Regional Tech Council Women in Tech (WIT) Award and the Volunteer of the Year award from the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu. Marcelle frequently presents at conferences and training events, and is an active volunteer in the cybersecurity community.



PLAYBACK: WeAreVirtual: Business resilience in Times of Change with Dayne Turbitt & William McLeod Scott, Facilitated by Julia Streets

Business resilience in Times of Change No Deloitte logo - Twitter(1)

Join us for an enlightening conversation between two distinguished leaders from Dell Technologies and Deloitte to hear how their organisations are navigating these turbulent times.

Organisational, technology and cyber resilience are all being put to the test right now. There is no predefined response plan but behaviours that focus on building resilience, demonstrating agility and leading with empathy are the qualities that will help us all respond effectively. Dayne and William will share their insights on how companies and their partners are responding to these challenges.


About Dayne

Dayne TurbittDayne is the SVP & GM for Dell Technologies in the UK and its unified Sales and Partner organisation, leading the organisations work to help customers transform their businesses for the next decade. He is a strong believer in the power of technology to deliver for the benefit of society and is a champion for Dell Technologies in its pioneering sustainable and innovative technology solutions to further human progress.

Dayne campaigns to inspire young people to study and work in STEM as well as championing diversity and inclusion programmes across Dell Technologies in the UK. He is a board member of The Prince’s Trust and leads Dell Technologies work with the charity, providing mentoring, internships and seed investment to ensure talented young people can access the right opportunities.

He is also committed to stimulating entrepreneurship and leads a number of strategic partnerships with start-up accelerators across the UK focussed on helping entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses.

Dayne joined Dell Technologies in 2010, previously serving as Vice President of Global Accounts and as Vice President of Dell EMC’s Emerging Technology Division, where he was involved in helping partners and businesses in different industries to restructure their teams and take advantage of new technologies.

Originally from South Africa, his previous experience includes a number of international leadership roles focused on delivering value for customers through technology.

About William

william-mcleod-scottWilliam is a Financial Services Partner with over 25 years’ experience working primarily with retail and investment banks, insurance businesses, financial market infrastructure businesses and with FS regulators MAS, FDIC, FED, PRA and the FCA. This includes 10 years of direct experience working in Global Markets for three global banks. He leads Deloitte’s Cyber Resilient Practice incorporating Technology Resilience, Cyber Incident Response, and Cyber War gaming. He has a broad background in Financial Services having led multiple Structural Reform projects specifically in Recovery and Resolution (RRP) for four global banks in the UK and US across a range of areas from Board Governance to Operational Resilience. William's experience includes leading response to cyber-attack, post incident reviews and cyber contingency planning to enable businesses build capability and technology solutions to recover from ransomware attack.

About Julia

Julia Streets | CEO, Streets ConsultingJulia Streets is a champion of fintech entrepreneurship, innovation and diversity.

In 2007,  Julia founded Streets Consulting, the business development, marketing and communications consultancy.  She helped launch the Chi-X brand of international alternative stock exchanges, including Chi-X Australia.  Since then she and her team have advised a wide range of firms in the world of capital markets, B2B and payments, and offering specialist technology including blockchain, artificial intelligence, cyber and more.

Prior to founding Streets Consulting in 2008, Julia was global head of communications at NYSE Technologies, serving on the Executive Committee and European head of marketing and sales development at Instinet.

Wary that diversity and inclusion is fast becoming the latest corporate marketing jargon (a bit like ‘innovation is in our DNA’), last year Julia launched a podcast series ‘DiverCity Podcast’.  On each episode, industry luminaries shine a light on progress, call out areas requiring further focus and offer insights and best practice to help listeners drive change. ( // @DiverCitypod)

Brummell Magazine, known as the ‘City’s little black book’, has recognised Julia a number of times— last year as one of their 30 Inspirational Women Influencers, in 2014 as one of 30 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs and in 2013, one of 30 Inspirational Women on Boards.  She is one of SWIFT’s Global Power Women in FinTech and been listed in Innovate Finance’s Women in FinTech Power List for the past three years. This year she was a finalist in the Variety charity’s ‘Catherine’ UK-wide awards, celebrating inspiring women in business and philanthropy.

Julia is the author of ‘The Lingua Franca of the Corporate Banker’,  lampooning corporate jargon. She is called upon to host and MC many public events, is an after-dinner speaker, and stand-up comedian.

Julia is proud to serve as a trustee of the charity ‘Street Child’ and is a Fellow of the British American Project, the transatlantic leadership fellowship.

PLAYBACK: WeAreVirtual: Recovering from a Cyber Attack with Des O’Connor and Elizabeth Green

Dell 1 - Webinar (2)

As cyber attacks increase in frequency and severity, it has become clear that those businesses that can best cope with traditional commercial, economic, operational and political shocks are also the most cyber resilient.

The rapid evolution of the workplace environments in which we work greatly increases the likelihood of a catastrophic data loss scenario being realised. A catastrophic data loss scenario assumes complete loss of a technology systems and associated backups.

An effective cyber strategy is not just about businesses improving their cyber security to prevent and detect attacks. It is also about improving cyber resilience so your business can respond to, and recover from, attacks quickly, and learn from the experience. This webinar will explore how to build effective cyber resilient strategies, outline some of the lessons learnt from organisations that have been attacked and provide you with some guidance on how to prepare for a cyber-attack.


Des O'ConnorAbout Des:

Des works in Dell Technologies and is focused on Cyber Resilience and Artificial Intelligence across Finance, Media and Telecoms and Oil and Gas.

Prior to joining Dell Technologies, Des was a Management Consultant and has experience in Go to Market Strategy development, Transformational Change and Project and Programme Management. He is excited about emerging technologies and co-creating new solutions, enhancing human progress. Outside of work Des is a keen runner, cook and works at the Royal Trinity Hospice as a befriending volunteer for people with end of life illnesses.

Liz GreenAbout Liz:

Liz Green is a Cyber Specialist at Dell Technologies. She has spent the last five years at Dell Technologies helping organisations use IT infrastructure to innovate and solve business challenges across Finance, Insurance, Media, Telecoms and Oil and Gas.

She is familiar with the US and UK regulatory environment and leverages this knowledge to help financial institutions ensure critical data is protected and available. She is passionate about equal opportunities for all and supports women in STEM and Dell Technologies’ Women in Action. Outside of work, Liz enjoys Pilates, travel in Europe and finding new London eateries.



WeAreVirtual, WeAreTechWomen, Dell Technologies webinars 1

WeAreTechWomen & WeAreVirtual, in partnership with DELL Technologies, introduce FREE tech webinars

WeAreVirtual, WeAreTechWomen, Dell Technologies webinars

WeAreTechWomen & WeAreVirtual, in partnership with Dell Technologies, introduce FREE tech webinars

WeAreTechWomen and WeAreVirtual, in partnership with Dell Technologies, are proud to introduce a series of tech webinars for FREE.

WeAreVirtual is WeAreTechWomen’s new initiative to pay it forward and support the ongoing development of our community. Together with our sponsors and supporters, we will want to bolster your learning by providing more content through our websites and social channels, as well as opportunities to learn and engage online.

With the support of Dell Technologies, we will be bringing you webinars focused on how technology can help you to navigate these uncertain times. Held every three weeks via Zoom, each session will be 45 minutes of educational tips and tricks and will include a Q&A.

Topics will include:

  1. Recovering from a cyber-attack – Lessons learnt and looking towards the future
  2. Building business resilience in times of change – Insights from Business Leaders
  3. Understanding, preparing for and mitigating cyber threats
  4. Augmented working and the future of work in this new reality
  5. Making the most of cloud technologies in a multi-cloud era
  6. Making sustainable technology choices

Dayne TurbittSpeaking about the partnership, Dayne Turbitt, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Dell Technologies UK, said, “We share a goal to increase diversity and female representation, from our engineering teams through to our fields sales team.”

“Diversity, inclusion and belonging are core to our values and we are proud to support WeAreTechWomen.

“We wholeheartedly believe in the importance of creating, nurturing and empowering talented females in technology.”

Vanessa Vallely, Managing Director, WeAreTechWomen added, “We are incredibly excited to be working with DELL Technologies and to be bringing our members this fantastic webinar series.”

“In these challenging times, we have to adapt and change and these webinars are a perfect example of such. We hope our technology community will use this new initiative to support their ongoing development and learning.”

You will be able to register for the DELL webinars via the WeAreTechWomen website. Stay tuned for more information.



woman watching a webinar, virtual

WeAreTheCity introduces WeAreVirtual - supporting you and your career development for FREE during challenging times

woman watching a webinar, virtual

The COVID-19 virus has, and will no doubt continue to have a significant impact in terms of how we all continue to work.

In the light of these challenges, we will have to adapt and innovate in order to find our new normal. This may mean working from home, eliminating travel, managing work and family as well as learning how to continue to operate, albeit in a virtual world.

Whilst nothing we do at WeAreTheCity can solve any of the issues we are facing, what we can do is offer our support to try and keep you engaged and inspired over the coming months.

Our plan, as part of WeAreVirtual is to support your on-going learning by providing an increased amount of content through our websites and social channels, alongside opportunities for you to learn and engage online. The new WeAreVirtual initiative has been hugely supported by a number of ‘pay it forward’ writers, speakers and organisations who have offered their time for free in order to support others. For this, we are hugely grateful.