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Shola West

My name is Shola West and I am a 19-year-old digital marketing apprentice.

My career in technology started when I finished secondary school and joined the Fashion Retail Academy. Here, I was taught all about digital marketing in the fashion industry and began to gain a strong passion for the digital marketing sector as a whole. Throughout my time in college, I attended many seminars to further my learning with one being John Lee's Guriella marketing 3-day Bootcamp. After achieving a distinction at college and completing a few summer internships, I landed myself a digital marketing apprenticeship which is what I currently do now at WhiteHat.

Alongside my apprenticeship, I have completed a 4-week digital media program with Analog Folk in collaboration with Roundhouse. This program took place after work and has helped further my skills.

Lastly, I have enrolled in a 1-year program with Word On The Curb funded by the Mayor of London to upskill myself further. Within this program, I have been taught both production and digital skills. So with that being said, I have been able to produce video content for both Nandos and Soas University and will have the opportunity to produce plenty more content in the future.