25/03/2021: International Women's Day 2021: Choose to Challenge | Women in DevOps

Women in DevOps IWD event

This month we are amplifying the voices of women from our DevOps community for our International Women’s Day Special in collaboration with Coding Black Females.

You can expect a forward-thinking discussion led by leaders from around the globe for another uplifting and empowering panel discussion.

According to a study by DORA and Google Cloud (2019), the reported percentage of women on teams fell compared to the previous year, with only 16% of DevOps teams including women. We understand that even though the tech world is progressive, there is still work to be done to improve gender equality. We will be touching on challenges our leaders have experienced throughout their careers, whilst celebrating achievements and increasing visibility as well as the importance of calling out inequality, as we choose to challenge.

All ticket proceeds will be donated to the incredible charity Smart Works. Smart Works is a UK based charity that provides high-quality interview clothing and interview training to unemployed women in need. Check out the impact Smart Works is making on the lives of women in the UK. Find out more about Smart Works here.

Our panel

- Francesca Pollard - Chair & Host @ Women in DevOps

- Janani Vasudevan is a Principal Engineering Manager @ Microsoft

- Loreli Cadapan - Senior Director of Product @ JFrog

- Catherine Akinyele - Digital Marketer @ Coding Black Females


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Women in DevOps featured

Women in DevOps

Women in DevOpsWe established Women in DevOps in 2017 specifically to address the issue of gender imbalance in our the DevOps industry.

Our aim is to help close the gender DevOps gap, by empowering women to create innovative solutions, encourage organisations to retain women into their communities and to promote gender equality. We are a not-for-profit committed to creating an open and inclusive community and inspiring the female DevOps leaders of the future.

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