Women in Tech Cymru featured

Women in Tech Cymru

Women in Tech Cymru featuredWe are a network that promotes and supports learning, best practice, and innovation for women working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers in Wales.

As members of Women in Tech Cymru we:

- Create opportunities for each other to learn and develop.

- Keep abreast of industry developments.

- Challenge ourselves and each other to encourage best practice and innovation in our work.

- Support and empower women who see their futures in STEM.

Our history

Women in Tech Cymru was set up in 2017 when a group of four friends met for brunch.

Despite working in very different roles and being at very different stages of our careers, we realised that we were all working in the tech sector.

We also shared the same experience of struggling to find other women to speak to who understood the unique challenges of working in the field.

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