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Women in Technology 2019 | Silicon Valley Bank

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While Silicon Valley Bank's annual report finds that there is some progress, a lack of gender parity persists.

Just 56 per cent of startups have at least one woman in an executive position, and only 40 per cent have at least one woman on the board of directors. They surveyed tech and healthcare executives and founders in the US, the UK, China and Canada.

They also find that 59 per cent of startups have some type of program in place designed to increase the number of women in leadership — and that the founding team’s gender often determines which executive roles women hold at startups.

Since 2014, Silicon Valley Bank has produced the Women in Technology Leadership report as part of our annual Startup Outlook series of reports. Read the 2019 Startup Outlook Reports to learn more about US, UK, China and Canadian startups’ views on business conditions, hiring, raising money and more.