Yasmin Desai

Yasmin Desai | Impala

Yasmin Desai

After starting a small company at university, I decided to pursue a career in start-ups upon graduation. I have now worked 6+ years in start-ups.

Initially, my background is in operations and I have since specialized in Product- giving me the perfect mix of commercial understanding mixed with solving core problems for users. My experiences are in marketplaces, B2B and B2C having worked on onboarding and conversion funnels for both web and mobile.

I enjoy the challenge of scaling a company and I’ve always been an employee that not only works towards growing team/product KPI’s but also gets involved in the scaling challenges (hiring, market positioning, and culture).

In my spare time, I mentor young females and guest lecture on topics around entrepreneurship and innovation. I am extremely passionate about entrepreneurship as a skill and have been nominated and awarded for several industry awards (Women in tech / Women in software 2020).

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Yasmin Desai | Hubble

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Yasmin is an ambitious entrepreneur who has worked in 4 tech start ups, she regularly writes about her experience of this and provides advice on making the most of your career in the start up scene. (www.thestartupgirl.co.uk)

Yasmin started off on her entrepreneurial journey during university where she received a business grant to start her own company. From this, she received multiple scholarships to study entrepreneurship abroad (at Babson university). She took her learnings and applied them when working part time in 2 startups during her last year of studies.

Upon graduating, Yasmin went straight into a Edtech startup, where she led the curriculum for an online platform for instructors to teach skills within business and entrepreneurship.

Yasmin then joined Catapult - a series A funded gig economy startup, where she was one of the first employees to join and build the company through it's national expansion.

Now, Yasmin works for Hubble as a strategy and operations manager leading the optimisation and scalability of the internal tooling within the company.

In her spare time, Yasmin is a guest lecturer for topics in entrepreneurship and innovation where she shares her experiences and knowledge to young students with the aim for them to choose tech as a career choice.