The person I am today is a culmination of the journey I embarked on to reach this point.

From my earliest memories as a child, I was captivated by colors and the ability to paint the world according to my imagination. Simultaneously, I possessed a natural inclination for technology, finding myself intrigued by the inner workings of video games and eagerly dissecting CPUs to understand their mechanisms.

Given my affinity for technology, my father suggested a career in engineering. However, as I delved into the field, my artistic inclinations continued to tug at my heart. Determined to explore various paths, I embarked on a series of internships spanning diverse fields, seeking to discover where my true passions lay. It was during my final internship, which focused on project design and marketing, that I had an epiphany – creativity was my greatest asset. The realm of marketing captivated my attention, leading me to embark on a career journey with a small marketing agency.

I subsequently ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing my own business in the women’s accessories industry. Under the brand name “Jhumkewala,” I designed premium jhumkas, infusing my artistic flair into every creation. While my journey was punctuated by failures, each one ultimately paved the way for success.

Following the closure of my business, I contemplated my next move. Recognizing the need for comprehensive industry knowledge, I decided to pursue an MBA, which granted me invaluable insights into the corporate world. As part of my journey, I interned at PepsiCo, where I conducted on-site research and discovered my proficiency in marketing. Eager to share my learnings and experiences, I turned to LinkedIn, regularly posting insights that resonated with people and sparked engaging conversations.

Freelancing opportunities followed, and I eventually found myself at Hindustan Times, swiftly rising to a prominent role within the core inbound marketing team under the guidance of a CEO. Working on India’s largest Leadership Summit and spearheading influential marketing campaigns for B2B influencers, I honed my skills in inbound marketing strategies.

Presently, I hold the position of Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Whatfix, a renowned SaaS organization. Here, I strive to challenge the status quo and normalize the extraordinary through innovative lead generation activities. Over the past two years, I have been honored as the Best Marketer and recipient of the Most Innovative Project award for my role in scaling a podcast to 10k downloads, orchestrating a flagship event, and developing a successful lead generation tool from scratch.

My journey has been one of exploration, self-discovery, and resilience. Through each experience, I have evolved as an individual and a professional, acquiring a diverse skill set and unwavering determination. I firmly believe that my journey thus far has equipped me with the vision, tenacity, and expertise required to be named a TechWomen100 honoree and contribute meaningfully to the future of the tech industry.


Tamanna Chanana