I started my career as a veterinarian and spent 6 years caring for pets. I worked in New Zealand and founded the first veterinary care service for exotic pets (birds, reptiles and rabbits in the capital city of Wellington. This may not sound that exciting but it had a significant impact on animal welfare of these types of pets: previously they were no vets with a good knowledge of exotic pets so this made a difference to hundreds of pets and their owners.

I then undertook an MBA at London Business School and got my hands dirty in tech straight from the start. I interned at 2 startups during my studies to gain exposure and experience in tech. Once I graduated I joined Blippar and spent 2 years product managing innovative augmented (AR) reality apps including 2 AR social networks.

Recently I co-founded LoveShark, a company making social AR games. Our mission is to make crazy, fun AR games that bring friends together in real life.