Tara Suran

Tara is a role model for challenging the status quo, proving that there is a need and advantage to having BAME women within tech.

From following the non-traditional Middle Eastern route of the university pathway into the medical field, Tara reached a Law Graduates role as Private Client Legal Advisor at the age of 17, progressing into one of the top tech companies – IBM.

Since being at IBM, Tara has acted as a focal point of change within the D&I sector, both externally and internally. From working as a Project Manager for the first network for women of color within Digital Health (The Shuri Network), to starting and leading both Early Professional BAME and Minority Ethnic groups.

Tara’s reach hasn’t just stopped there, she has also taken pivotal technical roles such as Software Tester on the Vaccine project, showing that as an IT professional she is committed to develop and support where needed, showing enthusiasm, adaptability, and team working skills.