Tech Talent CharterThe Tech Talent Charter (TTC) is a commitment by organisations to a set of undertakings that aim to deliver greater inclusion and diversity in the tech workforce of the UK, one that better reflects the make-up of the population.

This covers both organisations in the technology sector itself, and organisations across all other sectors, who have employees in tech roles. While its initial focus is on gender, the goal is to ensure that the sector is fully diverse and inclusive. Signatories of the charter make a number of pledges in relation to their approach to recruitment and retention.

In 2017 the TTC made the transition from an informal campaigning group with volunteer working groups into a not for profit Community Interest Company with a board of directors, supported and advised by a Steering Group composed of a mixture of representatives of around 10 signatory employers and individuals who had personal and professional interest in gender diversity in tech. Through a combination of seed funding from the government and both pro bono support and sponsorship from employers on the steering group, the TTC was able to actively recruit more signatories and create a platform to both recruit members and to share best practice. By the end of 2017, it had secured over 100 signatories, begun piloting its annual benchmarking report and staged a sponsored launch event at the Gherkin. A growth and sustainability strategic plan were agreed in January 2018 as the government funding came to an end.

For the TTC, 2018 was a year of growth across the whole of the UK, having staged its first regional events in addition to its annual event. January 2019 saw the full publication of the benchmarking report at an oversubscribed second annual event and imminent expansion of its “best practice” content online. Growth in active signatories has continued to over 300 and further regional expansion is scheduled. The governance structure has also been evolved to include an employer-driven Strategy Board and the first meeting of a wider Advisory Group is in hand. This is the year that will see the TTC establish itself as a scalable and sustainable organisation; maintaining a “minimum viable organisation” approach as well as securing a balanced mix of sponsorship and pro bono support from its members. Discussions continue with Government and sponsors regarding funding for 2019-20.

With that in mind, one of our existing directors is stepping down (due to promotion in role/work commitments) and TTC is therefore looking to replace this individual and to consider increasing the size of the board to reflect the strategic evolution of TTC, with consequent broadening of content expertise needs and the increasing workload it is undertaking in the diversity space.

All board members are expected to contribute effectively to the overall aim of TTC, which is to increase and improve the recruitment and retention of a more diverse workforce in technology. While technically a Non-executive role, TTC Directors are committed to support operationally as well as strategically through the commitment of their own time and/or via the resources of their organisation.

In addition, you will need to demonstrate:

  • an understanding of TTC’s work and a commitment to its aims and objectives, and of the wider environment in which TTC operates;
  • an ability to think strategically and exercise sound judgment;
  • strong communication, influencing and persuading skills, including demonstrating how they are active in wider industry communities;
  • an ability to work constructively with fellow board members and wider stakeholders;
  • an ability to represent their own area of expertise in the full range of advisory council discussions;
  • an ability to challenge as well as to support the directors and executive team on the full range of issues, taking a corporate view beyond their own areas of expertise;
  • strong strategic, business, analytical and leadership skills;
  • an action-oriented personality;
  • an understanding of financial impacts with an eye for opportunity for growth that encourages and supports the exploration of new business ideas;
  • independent insights and ideas from a third point-of-view

Please note that while many meetings are held in London, the majority of our Directors live and work outside London; travel costs can be covered and many meetings/activities are possible and even desirable across the UK.

Board member expertise sought:

Currently, TTC has a key focus to encourage women to move into tech and to support employers to enable them to develop careers through deployment of best recruitment and development practices. Increasingly in 2019/20, TTC will also come to address wider diversity issues (BAME & Disability) as well as needing to develop a deeper regional focus (including Scotland).

Tech Talent Charter are looking for directors with some of the following expertise:

  • Running a not for profit/third Sector knowledge,
  • Business development
  • Sustainability for not for profits,
  • PRexpertise/contacts
  • Graphic/Web Design
  • Wider diversity initiatives and stakeholders

If you meet the above criteria, candidates are asked to send a CV with a short covering letter highlighting the skills the individual will bring to [email protected] by COP 10 May 2019.