TfL Women in Tech network

TfL WSNG – Women in Tech (WiT) is a sub-group under the Women’s Staff Network Group (WSNG) at Transport for London.

TfL WSNG Women in Tech works hard to raise awareness of tech as a viable career for women, and helps women to build the confidence to develop tech skills, and encourage s them to put themselves forward for tech roles. We invite everyone with an interest in tech to join our community in working towards equality in the tech industry . We provide support for women from all backgrounds who want to make a transition into the tech industry, and support those already in tech roles to develop and progress their careers.

The community launched in 2017 as it was evident that there was a serious lack of women doing hands on tech roles, and having only a handful of female developers in the Tech department, something needed to be done. It was important to provide a safe and supportive environment that encourages exploration and confidence building with tech. We also raise the profile of role models already in tech so women can see what they can be.

We provide coding workshops, advice, mentoring, shadowing, sponsorship, tech career talks, and networking opportunities for women who are interested and curious about tech, whether for hobbies, skills development, or career transition/progression. We also raise awareness to the wider external community of the tech skills needed for the future and the role women need to play in designing and developing our products/services in order to meet the needs of the growing population we serve, so we open our doors regularly to underrepresented groups and host events and networking opportunities to encourage more women to see tech as a viable career, and hopefully consider TfL as their next employer of choice.

The TfL WSNG Women in Tech committee is comprised of a group of fourteen women (Dionne Condor-Farrell, Shivani Bhatnagar, Kathryn Lowen, Charul Gupta, Melanie Carter, Carly Plummer, Eleanor Morgan, Cassandra Bruce, Amy Allen, Elinor Hutchison, Sreelekha Doddipalli, Fiona Hammond, Krishna Jadeja, Deborah Esegbona Ofoma) who are passionate about diversity in tech, and dedicated to encouraging and supporting other women in technology-related careers.